Endowment gifts are held in perpetuity and invested on a long-term basis in support of the school's mission.

A portion of the endowment income is transferred annually to the school in support of the year's operating budget. As our endowment grows, increased earnings will provide more income for core budget areas.

Every year the endowment receives gifts of all amounts from donors who wish to help secure Canterbury's financial future and, at the same time, endow a favorite program or honor the name or memory of a loved one.

Three areas of support have been identified as giving priorities:

Financial Aid Endowment

Every year about 20 percent of Canterbury students qualify for and receive tuition assistance. The school's commitment to enrolling an economically diverse student body can only be realized by making financial aid funds available on a continuing basis.

Faculty Endowment

Through the endowment and other special funding, stipends have been established for several department chairs in major academic disciplines. The school is committed through such efforts to recognize and reward excellence in teaching and to attract and retain top-quality teachers.

Building Endowment

Tuition is directed almost in its entirety to the day-to-day operation of the school. As far as possible, funds are raised for capital purchases, building improvements and maintenance. A building endowment is designed to relieve pressure on tuition and make a Canterbury education available to more students.

Tribute Gifts

Canterbury periodically receives gifts in honor of loved ones and friends. Over the years, the thoughtfulness of these gifts has helped the school community in a number of ways.

Some, at the request of the donor, have been directed to financial aid or toward furthering the development of the school libraries or the fine arts program.

Others, with no specific directions, have been contributed to the unrestricted area of the school's endowment and have helped wherever the need is greatest. The school is always honored to be the recipient of a personal tribute and grateful for the donor's thoughtfulness.

  • AMP Music Enrichment Fund
  • Bierman/Lepore Scholarship Fund
  • Borne Library Fund
  • Cast Family Scholarship Fund
  • Edward E. Ford Foundation – Faculty Chairs
  • Edward E. Ford Foundation – Computer Education
  • Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Ian Michael Hatch Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Lindsay Katherine Hatch Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Michelle Rousseff-Kemp Scholarship Fund
  • Malone Scholarship Program
  • Markoff Library Fund
  • McMillen Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Ben D. Mills Faculty Chair in Mathematics
  • Moyle Family Technology Fund
  • Scott T. Niemann Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Odyssey Program Fund
  • Daniel L. Paflas Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Janet W. Paflas Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Peabody Scholarship Fund
  • Parrott Family Scholarship Fund
  • RMSM Scholarship Fund
  • Robertson Educational Technology Fund
  • Rolland Family Scholarship Fund
  • Sengstack Family Scholarship Fund
  • William E. Spindler II Scholarship Fund
  • Stewart Family Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas B. Summers English Department Faculty Chair
  • Thomas B. Summers Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Waterfield Art Department Fund
  • Waterfield Family Scholarship Fund
  • Waterfield Family Summer Grant Fund
  • Patricia A. Wilson Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
  • Witman Scholarship Fund