40 Years and 40 Reasons to Give

Canterbury School is celebrating 40 wonderful years and 40 reasons to give, and we hope you'll join us.

"On the morning of Sept. 8, 1977, a school with 89 students and 14 faculty and staff members opened its doors in a small church on W. Berry Street. Today, that same school boasts more than 1,000 students and 120 faculty and staff members, and spreads across two campuses and three buildings."

An excerpt from a book by Beth Behrendt,
"A Mighty Spirit: Canterbury School at 40 Years: 1977-2017"

Throughout the last 40 years, our alumni, parents of alumni, faculty and staff members, current students and other important groups have offered 40 reasons to support the Canterbury Fund:

  1. A gift of just $40 can positively impact Canterbury students and faculty today.
  2. At Canterbury, you develop lifelong friendships.
  3. You're connected to passionate faculty members who offer unwavering encouragement.
  4. Canterbury School fosters students' curiosity.
  5. The school offers a strong sense of community.
  6. Everyone at Canterbury is committed to excellence in learning.
  7. All students are able to honor those who have positively impacted their lives.
  8. All students take language courses that help mold them into global citizens.
  9. All students are provided with endless opportunities, both with and outside of the classroom.
  10. Canterbury School helps students create a strong foundation of knowledge.
  11. The school gives students the ability to success and achieve their dreams.
  12. Canterbury School offers a unique culture where working hard and excelling is the norm.
  13. Creativity and expression are deeply valued.
  14. Canterbury's all-inclusive programs allow every student to participate in all aspects of student life.
  15. Because of the all-inclusive programs, and many other resources, students are better prepared for life's challenges.
  16. Dedicated college counselors assist students with the college admissions process.
  17. Opportunities to grow intellectually, morally and socially help prepare students for success in college and beyond.
  18. Trips, tours and explorations outside the classroom offer a unique educational experience at Canterbury.
  19. The various educational opportunities at Canterbury School teach students how to be tomorrow's leaders.
  20. Traditions like Thanksgiving Feast, Angel Band and Cav Games build strong relationships offer lifelong memories.
  21. Canterbury's traditions also foster a sense of belonging for students of all talents and backgrounds, a core element of the school’s mission.
  22. Giving to Canterbury School helps advance the school's mission.
  23. Philanthropic gifts provide the extra margin of excellence not afforded by tuition.

Keep checking back for an updated list of reasons to give. We'll release two reasons every other day!

Your generosity allows Canterbury School the flexibility to say “Yes!” to additional materials and resources, extra sections of courses to respond to student interest and demand, and more opportunities for professional growth for our talented faculty.

Thank you for your generous support!