We have many opportunities for you to get involved in the Canterbury School community, connect with fellow parents, and have fun throughout the year.

Our events are primarily volunteer-driven. Each year, volunteers work on various committees, lending their time, talents enthusiasm and expertise. As in the case of Laughing Cavalier, soliciting silent auction donations, planning dinner, and event set-up/clean-up are just some of the areas where volunteer help is important.

Besides helping raise funds, volunteers form a special, priceless camaraderie. For example, parents who only attended their children’s activities now have a school activity of their own. Or, parents whose children have already graduated are able to remain connected to Canterbury School. Alumni help students have the same unprecedented experience they had. The work is fun, and the rewards are endless.

Volunteer Driving Form

If you like, you can view the Volunteer Driving Form here. We appreciate your support!

Share your interests for the 2019-20 academic year!