August Math Workshops

Every August, we're excited to offer young Fort Wayne-area students a fun opportunity to brush up on their math skills!

Students entering Kindergarten through Grade 5 can participate in Canterbury School's August Math Workshops program. Different than a remediation or advanced math class, these three-day workshops take a fun and relaxed approach to learning math.

Back to the Basics

Grade 5 students can dust off their math skills before school starts! They’ll use fun and interactive strategies to review the basics, like:

  • Area and perimeter
  • Long division
  • Operations with decimals
  • Operations with fractions
  • Triple-digit multiplication

Cost: $70 per student

Fun with Math!

Students will have fun with math! Investigative math activities, logic puzzles and hands-on math manipulatives like miras, geoboards and tangrams will help students explore math in a new way. They’ll also connect art and math, using geometric designs and pattern block tessellations. Concepts will vary according to grade level.

Cost: $70 per student