SCRIP Program

The Parent Association offers SCRIP as a service to the Canterbury Community. Try it and earn tuition credit for your student!

Since the Canterbury SCRIP program started in 2011, participating families have earned more than $70,000 in tuition credit, and an additional $70,000 has been donated to the Parent Association. SCRIP gives you the opportunity to purchase gift cards for things you use every day, such as groceries, gas, clothing and gifts, or things you do occasionally like purchasing furniture, buying a new refrigerator... or even traveling to Disney! The companies participating in the SCRIP program reward your loyalty to their stores by donating a portion of your gift card purchase to the school. In turn, 50% of that donation is credited toward your child's tuition bill.

You can purchase gift cards or e-gift cards from more than 750 vendors through our schools' SCRIP program. If you are an online shopper, be sure to sign up for PrestoPay so you can buy electronic gift cards on-demand. And, yes, there is a mobile website called MyScripWallet so you can access and purchase SCRIP directly from your phone. So easy!

Are you ready to get started? Contact the SCRIP Coordinator at to get the Canterbury code, and then create your SCRIP account at Be sure to complete the SCRIP Program Agreement to specify your pick-up or delivery preferences.

If you have any questions about SCRIP, please contact the SCRIP coordinator at


  • The best way to maximize your SCRIP potential is to use e-gift cards. We encourage all families to sign up for PrestoPay and to use the MyScripWallet app. You can order any time you like and receive your gift cards immediately on-line!
  • Place an order online at You will have the option to pay for your order with PrestoPay, or to send a check into school (payable to Canterbury SCRIP). These orders are due on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. and will be available for pick-up or delivery the following Wednesday by noon.
  • Stop by the Lower School office at any time during office hours to purchase a limited inventory of gift cards, or to place an order for pick up or delivery the following week. Payment may be made with cash or check.

Please note: The SCRIP Program Agreement must be completed prior to placing an order.


Throughout the year, SCRIP will be available for purchase in the Lower School office. We have limited inventory of national and local vendors on hand, but you can always place an order for delivery or pick-up the following week. To check specific office hours during the summer, please contact us at or by calling (260) 432-7776.

Weekly SCRIP orders are due by the end of the school day on Tuesdays and will be available for pick-up or delivery the following Wednesday. Just place your order online or drop off a paper order and payment to any school office by Tuesday at 3 p.m.


Ordering SCRIP Online

You can order SCRIP online at This one-to-three-day process, when complete, allows you to place online orders.

Follow these instructions to set up your online account:

  • Once you've received the 13-digital enrollment code, visit, and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll need your bank routing and account numbers. Be sure to link your account to Canterbury School using the enrollment code.
  • Click “Home.” You should see your name at the top of the page.
  • Click “My Account.” You should see “You do not have a Presto Pay account, click here.” Click where indicated.
  • Enroll in Presto Pay by providing your bank routing number and account number.
  • Shortly afterward, you'll receive an email explaining that Presto Pay will make two small deposits in your account within the next 48 hours. Once you see those deposits in your checking account, note the amounts (i.e.: $0.20 and $0.07), and return to
  • Log into your account using the username and password you previously created. Go to “My Account.”
  • At the top of the page, you'll see “Your Presto Pay account has not been verified. Click here to verify.” Click where indicated, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You'll be emailed an approval code. Email that code to Canterbury’s SCRIP Coordinator at Your account will be activated, and you'll receive an email confirming your account is active.

You can then establish your own “Favorites” list or simply type the name of the company you wish to purchase and then select a denomination. Happy shopping!


You can pick up your SCRIP orders in the Lower School Office on Wednesdays after noon.

Special delivery options are available to EC, LS, MS and HS students. Please complete the Program Agreement and Delivery/Pick Up Options Form to indicate which option you prefer. This form states that you accept responsibility for your order once it is in your child’s possession. The school cannot be held liable for lost SCRIP orders once the order has been given to your child.

For Early Childhood/K-Prep Students

SCRIP orders may be sent home with EC/KPrep students. SCRIP volunteers will deliver your order to your child’s teacher who will then place it in your child’s green folder or book bag.

For Lower School Students

SCRIP orders may be sent home with LS students. SCRIP volunteers will give your order to your child's teacher who will make sure the order is placed in their green folder or backpack.

For Middle School Students

Middle School students with parental permission may pick up your SCRIP order after school on Wednesdays in the Middle School office. They will be required to sign that they received your order.

For High School Students

High School students with parental permission may pick up SCRIP orders in the HS office after 3:15 p.m. on Wednesdays. They will be required to sign that they have received your order. Parents should remember that SCRIP is cash. If your HS student has after school activities on Wednesdays, your SCRIP order should be locked in a locker during that time.


Use these great ideas to get more out of your SCRIP purchases.

If you discover any other SCRIP TIPS, please let us know so we can share your ideas with other Canterbury families. You can contact us at

  • Did you know you can buy postage stamps at Walgreens (5%) and Office Depot (5%)? Buy SCRIP and purchase your stamps at one of these locations.
  • Purchasing supplies for your business? Or gift cards for your employees? Use SCRIP for your business needs and credit the rebate to your child’s tuition account.
  • Here is a way to double dip at Kohl’s: Go ahead and use your Kohl’s card to do your shopping and earn Kohl’s cash during special promotions. When it’s time to pay your Kohl’s charge account bill, purchase Kohl’s (4%) SCRIP and pay your Kohl’s bill at the in-store customer service counter.
  • Taking a vacation? Use SCRIP to pay for hotels, gas, rental cars, fast food, plane tickets, cruises, and don’t forget Disney! American Airlines (6%), Budget Car Rental (8%), Marriott (8%), Comfort Suites (4%), Hilton (2%), AirBNB (5%), Delta Airlines (4%), Carnival (8%), Celebrity Cruise Lines (9%) and Disney (3%) are all supporters of SCRIP. Sign up online at to see all the available travel vendors.
  • Is it time to replace your refrigerator? Planning on some remodelng? Purchase your major appliances and remodeling supplies at Home Depot (4%), Lowe’s (4%) or Best Buy (4%).
  • Office Depot is a great place to double dip. When it’s time to check out, pay for your purchases with Office Depot (4%) SCRIP and ask to have your purchases credited to Canterbury School. The clerk will look up our account number and Canterbury will automatically receive a credit.
  • We know you love your latte. You can use Starbucks (7%) gift cards to load your Gold Card. You don’t have to give up any of your Gold Card perks. Phew!


Q: What is SCRIP?

A: SCRIP is a fund-raising program used by non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, sport clubs and choirs. SCRIP refers to the purchase of gift cards by families supporting the particular organization.

Q: Who can purchase  SCRIP?

A: All Canterbury families, staff, faculty, and friends are welcome to purchase SCRIP. Please don't be offended if we call to verify your identity. SCRIP programs are subject to fraud and we need to be careful.

Q: Is there a cost to participate?

A: No. There are absolutely no costs to participate. Participation in the SCRIP program is completely voluntary. With e-gift cards on-demand through SCRIPNOW!, purchasing SCRIP is easier than ever! 

Q: Will these cards be accepted at the vendor??

A: The gift cards sold through the Canterbury Parent Association SCRIP Program come directly from the retailers. They are the same gift cards you would buy if you went to the participating retailer and purchased them yourself.

Q: How can I purchase SCRIP?

A: SCRIP can be purchased in one of three ways:

  • Online at, or via the mobile website, MyScripWallet.
  • Via the Weekly Order Form delivered to any school office by 3 p.m. on Tuesdays.
  • Anytime in the Lower School Office.

Q: Can I pay for SCRIP with a credit card?

A: Unfortunately, the Parent Association cannot accept credit card payments for SCRIP orders. The only acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, and direct debit from your checking account (if you are ordering via

Q: What if my check is returned?

A: A $30 charge will be assessed to any orders paid with checks that are returned due to insufficient funds. This fee is in addition to any fee your bank may charge. In addition, the order in question will be help until the $30 insufficient funds fee is paid and the order total is paid in cash. Upon a second returned check, you will only be permitted to pay for your orders in cash.

Q: Do I have to order SCRIP every week?

A: No. There are no requirements for ordering. You can order as frequently in infrequently as you like. 

Q: What are the delivery options for my order?

A:We have many options for pick-up and delivery to EC/K-Prep, Lower School, Middle School, and High School students. If you wish to have your child transport your SCRIP order, you must sign the waiver located on the Program Agreement/Delivery and Pick-Up Options form, which can be found on the school website. You will need to evaluate if your child is responsible enough to carry your order. The school cannot be responsible for SCRIP orders once they have been given to your student.

Q: What if I lose a gift card?

A: SCRIP is considered cash and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, the school cannot be responsible if gift cards are lost while in your possession.

Q: Are gift cards re-loadable?

A: Many of the gift cards are re-loadable. The original card must be purchased through the school SCRIP program and then reloaded online at A list of companies participating in the reload options can be found at the same website.

Q: What is SCRIPNOW?

A: ScripNow! allows you to buy and print gift cards from home. This convenient option is available only to families signed up at and enrolled in PrestoPay. You can use the mobile website, MyScripWallet, to keep track of your ScripNow! purchases.

Q: What is the benefit of using  SCRIP?

A: Vendors who participate in SCRIP donate a portion of your gift card purchases to the school. In turn, families who participate in SCRIP earn 50% of that donation as tuition credit for their Canterbury student. The school wins and our families win!

Q: How does SCRIP work?

A: Canterbury School has partnered with to offer both electronic and physical gift cards from more than 750 vendors. After you create an account on and select Canterbury School as your designated organization, you are ready to start earning tuition credit for your Canterbury student. Click here to see a list of all available vendors.

Q: What is PrestoPay?

A: One of the amazing benefits of SCRIP is the ability to buy an e-gift card as needed. In order to be able to purchase e-gift cards, you will need to sign up for PrestoPay. PrestoPay links your account with your bank account, allowing you to make seamless SCRIP purchases.

Q: What is MyScripWallet?

A: In order to keep track of the e-gift cards you purchase, use the mobile website called MyScripWallet! It allows you to buy e-gift cards while you are waiting in line to check out, and also stores all your e-gift cards for future use. So convenient! 

Q: Who do I contact with questions about SCRIP?

A: Email the SCRIP program coordinators with any questions concerning the SCRIP program. They will respond promptly to your requests.

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