Parent Association

The mission of Canterbury School’s Parent Association is to bring parents together to enrich our community and support and strengthen our school.

The Parent Association achieves this mission by:

  • Planning community-enriching events and organizing volunteers
  • Facilitating communication among parents, teachers and administrators
  • Fundraising to support school programs

Every Canterbury School parent, from Early Childhood through Grade 12, is considered a member of the association and is encouraged to participate however they wish. There are volunteer opportunities to showcase various talents and accommodate every schedule, so please share your skills!

You can learn about, and sign-up for, volunteer opportunities online, or contact Tania Boyd, Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator, Canterbury School Parent Association.



Beth Behrendt, President
Tania Boyd Vice, President
Cathy Diamente, Treasurer
Jill Surendran, Secretary

Division & Grade Representatives

Chelcey Glassley, Early Childhood Representative (Morning Students)
Sarah Budd Early, Childhood Representative (Afternoon Students)
Dave Coble, Lower School Representative
Dima Mourad, Lower School Representative
Sue Wojewuczki, Middle School Representative
Seema Reddy, High School Representative
Kristin Pine, Grade 5 Representative
Neerja Meyan, Grade 6 Representative
Lindsey Chaille, Grade 7 Representative
Krista Layman, Grade 8 Representative
Geoff Gephart, Grade 8 Committee Member (Photos)
Betsy Gephart, Grade 8 Committee Member (Photos)
Janine Orban, Grade 8 Committee Member
Lisa Smits, Grade 9 Representative
Nicole Lawson, Grade 9 Representative
Marsha Bormann, Grade 10 Representative
Amanda Kinneman, Grade 11 Representative
Tamara Lombard, Grade 12 Committee Member (Class Trip)
Seema Reddy, Grade 12 Committee Member (DVD)
Kim Davidson, Grade 12 Committee Member (DVD)
Jen Haines, Grade 12 Committee Member (Dinner)
Jane Kaufman, Grade 12 Committee Member (Dinner)
Beth Behrendt, Grade 12 Committee Member (Lunch)
Tania Boyd, Grade 12 Committee Member (Lunch)
Karen Caffray, Grade 12 Committee Member (Memento)
Betsy Galliher, Grade 12 Committee Member (Prom)
Lorrie Walker, Grade 12 Committee Member (Prom)

Service & Event Coordinators

Natalie Chenoweth, Cavalier Clothing Store Coordinator
Jennifer Kummer, Cavalier Clothing Store Coordinator
Lisa Lindzy, Cavalier Clothing Store Coordinator
Rebecca Posner, Cavalier Clothing Store Coordinator
Angie Wing, Cavalier Clothing Store Coordinator
Cyndie Mitchell, Carpool Coordinator
Andrea Ogubi, BoxTops Collections Coordinator
Jeanette Tanner, BoxTops Collections Coordinator
Nicole Langel, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – Early Childhood
Lisa Selby, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – Early Childhood
Flo Bear, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – Lower School
Carmen Brough, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – Lower School
Nicole Lawson, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – Middle School
Gretchen Lee, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – High School
Arie Martinez, Friends of Faculty Coordinator – High School
Ashlie Straka, Jingle Bell Boutique Coordinator
Bridget Norlund, Jingle Bell Boutique Coordinator
Neerja Meyan, Jingle Bell Boutique Coordinator
Krista Layman, Lunchroom Coordinator
Carrie Yarram, Lunchroom Coordinator
Marsha Bormann, New Families Ambassador
Erin Erb, Plant Show Coordinator
Michelle Daniels, Plant Show Coordinator
Pat Gillan, Poinsettia Sales Coordinator
Courtney Dressler, SCRIP Coordinator
Cindy Hauze, SCRIP Coordinator
Heather Bauer, Sock Hop Coordinator
Marcia Presser, Sock Hop Coordinator



Special Programs