Social Media Presentation

Canterbury School administration brought in a guest speaker March 4, 2016. Michelle Drouin, PhD, joined us throughout the day to talk with faculty, Middle School students, High School students, and parents about social media's impact on students today and how what they do today can affect their future as young adults. What's cool, what's okay, and what is dangerous? Dr. Drouin presents a very straightforward look at social media.

Dr. Michelle Drouin is a developmental psychologist (B.A. Cornell University, D.Phil. University of Oxford), professor, and internationally-recognized speaker on technology and relationships, including online relationships, social media, and sexting. Dr. Drouin’s research on sexting, social media, and mobile phone addiction has attracted international attention, and she regularly does interviews for television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Her research has been cited in a number of prominent news sources including CNN, NPR, MSNBC, CBS News, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Reuters, Men’s Health, Parenting Magazine, and Psychology Today. Dr. Drouin also serves as an expert witness for sexting, social media, and online relationship cases.

Posted below are the video clips from the Parent Talk and the High School Student Talk. The Middle School Student Talk was similar-but dialed in for that age group. In total, the video clips equal about 50 minutes. Please watch the videos and have an open dialogue with your student. We are thankful to have Dr. Drouin as a resource, and we hope this helps to answer the many questions you have about what is safe and what is not in the world of social media.

Social Media for Parents

Set Safe Phone/Communication Guidelines/Rules.

Watch for Unintended Location Sharing Apps.

Do you KNOW who you are following on social media apps?

Do you KNOW who is following you on social media apps?

What is on your Digital Billboard? Do you want what you've posted to last forever?

Anonymous = Danger

Social Media for HS Students