Bus Service

Bus service is available for students. Below is a registration form only. It does not require any payment at this time.

This arrangement gives an opportunity for those unsure if the service will work a chance to try it for a few days.

The capacity of our large buses is approximately 50 passengers and our smaller vehicles 9-14 passengers. They will be filled on a first come, first served basis regardless of previous ridership.

Students riding full time will be a priority: however, if space permits, your child may be able to ride only in the morning or only in the afternoon.

Bus Service Rates

  • Both AM and PM routes
    1 child - $840
    2 or more children - *Family Plan - $1,300
  • Either AM or PM route
    1 child - $575
    2 or more children - *Family Plan - $900

*The Family Plan rate covers two or more children from the same family. All students/families wishing to ride the bus.

A new form is required each year. All families registered will be contacted in August by the bus driver before school begins to inform you of your specific bus stop and times. 20 Ride passes are available for $80 used as space permits on the bus.

General questions about Bus Service or Bus Service Billing should be directed to Jerry Belcher, jbelcher@canterburyschool.org. Once routes have been established and students are assigned to bus drivers, you will direct route, pick up/drop off questions to your bus driver.


Choosing the School Bus Makes Sense

That recognizable yellow school bus just might be your child’s ticket to the safest ride to and from Canterbury School. Yellow school buses are a great American success story. Reports show that they are the safest vehicles on the highway with a safety record that is unparalleled in the transportation industry. National studies show that yellow buses are by far the safest form of transportation on our roads – about 2000 times safer than the family car!

Why should my family consider riding the bus?

  • Riding the bus benefits our school, our children and our community:
  • Yellow buses are very safe
  • Increased bus ridership decreases the number of cars on our roads
  • No waiting in car pool lines
  • Decreased traffic congestion, idling time, and smog forming emissions
  • Poor air quality hurts children to a greater extent than many other populations

What do my children need to know to ride the bus safely?

Stay out of the danger zone: So that the driver can see you, always stand at least five giant steps (10 feet) away from the bus and never cross behind it.

Never try to pick up anything that falls under the bus – always tell the driver.

Stay a safe distance from the road while waiting for the bus.

When you get on or off the bus, make sure the bus safety lights are flashing.

Be alert to traffic. When getting on of off the bus, look left, right then left again before crossing the street.

Wait for the driver to say if is safe to cross the street, and always cross in front of the bus.

Stay in your seat and talk quietly, so the driver is not distracted.


Previous bus routes with common stops are listed below. Some routes may be discontinued if there are not enough bus riders. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we coordinate our upcoming school year bus routes.


  • Dupont Library
  • Dupont Hospital
  • Wallen Baptist Church
  • Washington Shopping Center
  • Harris Road


  • Legacy Park
  • 469


  • Cherry Hill
  • Arlington Park
  • St. Joe Center Road
  • St. Charles - Trier/Reed Roads
  • Georgetown Library
  • Forest Park/State Blvd.


  • Chestnut Hills Parkway
  • Hamilton Meadows
  • Bridgewater
  • Bittersweet Lakes


  • Rudisill
  • Pettit
  • Foster Park


  • Town & Country Plaza, Columbia City


  • Huntington Plaza
  • Roanoke Professional Center
  • Hamlets in Aboite
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