Wilson family all-in for Canterbury School

By Melinda Perry
Director of Development
October 20, 2020

In the spring of 2009, we first profiled Laura and Bill Wilson: 
Laura and Bill Wilson’s enthusiasm and love for Canterbury School are positively infectious.  They have had students in the Canterbury family for the past 18 years.  Wyatt ‘06 began at the age of 4, while brothers Tanner ‘08 and Jake ‘10 started when they were 2.  Laura said, “From the very beginning I fell in love with this school.  From the tiny chairs in Early Childhood through the quality books to which our children were exposed, Canterbury does the basics extremely well, setting all kids up for a love of learning and success.”   

With Laura’s background as a teacher, she was especially impressed with the school’s ability to reach young children when the quality of their education can have a profound long-term effect on them.  “Children are like sponges, and Canterbury saturates its students so well,” Laura shares.   Bill echoes these thoughts: “What I love about the school is the emphasis on intellectual curiosity, rather than learning to just take and pass tests.”  

When asked how Canterbury School has made a difference in their family’s life, both Laura and Bill agree that it is the one organization that has had the greatest influence over their lives for the past 18 years.  It has positively impacted them like no other.  Making the decision to become members of Canterbury’s 1977 Society was a natural way to show their love for our school.  “Canterbury has been such a big part of our lives.  We want Canterbury to continue to prosper so that many other children can benefit the way our children have.”  If their children come back to this area to live and work, Laura and Bill are hopeful that their grandchildren can enjoy the benefits of a Canterbury education.  The Wilsons are planning to continue their support of the school long after their children have graduated.  

Eleven years later, Canterbury remains a big part of their lives. Laura and Bill continue to be active supporters of Canterbury, ensuring the school continues to thrive for the next generation of students. Bill is a member of the Foundation Board and is currently serving as their Development Chair. His volunteer work focuses on transformational gifts that will deeply impact our school long into the future. 

To date, their sons are not residing in Indiana but are living in Atlanta and DC with fulfilling careers. John ’10 shares, “In retrospect, Canterbury taught me the strength in diversity. Whether its diversity in thought, people, or discipline, differing perspectives usually build a better person.” When asked how Canterbury prepared his sons for where they are now in their lives, Bill replies, “All three of our boys have chosen very different career paths and each was provided the potential for success through the outstanding educational foundation provided by Canterbury School.” 

Thank you Laura and Bill for your continued commitment to Canterbury School! 

The 1977 Society recognizes those who have designated Canterbury School to receive a planned gift from their wills or estates. Members may choose to remain anonymous, and there is no need to reveal the amount of your gift unless you wish to do so. If you would like information about including Canterbury in your will, please contact Melinda Perry in the development office at 260-436-8786.  

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

October 19-24 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week and did you know you can name Canterbury School as a beneficiary in your will and become a member of the 1977 Society? Not only are we committed to preparing Canterbury students for the future, but we also want to help you plan for yours. 

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