Trying Something New

Natalie A. Trout
Marketing & Communications Specialist
January 7, 2021

Annalyse King '23 loves to be involved, but the pandemic has caused things to slow down with so many activities being canceled. With some extra time on her hands this year, she was able to fit competing on the Speech Team into her schedule. 

What’s this year been like in speech, considering the pandemic? 
This is my first year in speech, so the online tournaments are all the experience I have. However, I know that a lot of the members had to wake up around 5am last year to get to meets, so I’m sure this year is a lot easier.

What events do you participate in, and how have you done?
I do Original Performance, and I’ve been doing well! I’m really proud of my results. In the last tournament I placed first.

Tell me about your coach, Mrs. Alt.
Mrs. Alt is kind and very knowledgeable in speech and debate. She’s been incredibly helpful and answers any questions I have about how tournaments work or any pieces I write. 

Why do you think speech is important to your future?
Words are powerful. With Speech and Debate I can hone my writing skills and draw deep feelings from readers and listeners. I believe that heartfelt and truthful speech is one of the best ways to communicate feelings and experiences.