Spot Savers: More than a Bookmark

March 18, 2022

In 2012, Beth Laipple's Canterbury Kindergarten class created a commercial (see below) to advertise their product: Spot Savers. They had just learned about the Four P's of marketing when Ana Bierbaum's father, Matt Bierbaum, came in for a classroom visit. The Four P's were: product, place, price, and promotion. 

"I wanted to include my love for reading," says Ana, who is now in Grade 10 at Canterbury. "With the help of my class, we came up with our product's famous name, Spot Savers."

"Spot Savers" are strong, student-made bookmarks, that are sold at the Canterbury Spring Book Fair for $1 each. The class made so much money from the sales of Spot Savers, that they decided to donate all of their proceeds to Kate's Kart, a nonprofit organization that gifts new books to hospitalized children and their families.

Ten years later, and Canterbury Lower School students are still making Spot Savers to raise money for Kate's Kart.

"I have very fond memories of Spot Savers, and I am pleased that it continues to this day," says Ana. "I remember visiting the Kate's Kart building to hand in the money we raised, and it was surreal. I was so proud knowing that we played a part in donating to such a great organization."

Scroll through the photos below to view this year's group of Kindergarteners working on Spot Savers!