Speech Team Adjusts to Virtual Platform

Natalie A. Trout
Marketing & Communications Specialist
November 16, 2020

The day of a speech meet is usually an exhausting one. There's the early departure time and typically on a freezing cold bus. Once the team arrives at the speech meet, there's check-in. There's practicing. There's nerves. It's a long day for students and coaches alike. But like everything else in 2020, all of that changed this year as speech meets went virtual.

"The students really want face-to-face competition and realize there is something they cannot convey through a camera as well as in-person, which affects their performance," said Canterbury speech coach Linda Alt. "On the other hand, some enjoy the benefit of submitting videos of their speeches and not having to worry about performing on the actual day."

Building up enthusiasm for the speech season has been difficult without in-person meetings and team-building activities. Missing their Annual Fall Retreat was a challenge as the underclassman typically learn a lot that day from juniors and seniors.

Still, Canterbury's freshmen and new students have stepped up.

"They have really taken my advice and prepared and performed early on in the season," Alt said. "There are some notice tournaments to attend, and they have been doing very well."

Canterbury's Congress team has also gotten off to a wonderful start and has the advantage of participating in tournaments live on Zoom-like platforms.

Congratulations to Canterbury's speech team members below who had exceptional performances recently:

Bethany Christian Debate Tournament
Isabelle Ellis - 2nd Place
Hudson Shroyer - 6th Place

Munster Virtual Debate Meet
Isabelle Ellis - 4th Place
Arnav Gupta - Finalist
Hudson Shroyer - Finalist
Yashika Gupta - Finalist

NSDA NE IN Fall Congress 
Isabelle Ellis - 1st Place
Arnav Gupta - 4th Place
Nile Adhami - 4th Place

Speech for Success: Women's Words Matter
Annalyse King - 2nd Place - Original Performance
Annalyse King - 2nd Place - Poetry

Plymouth Speech Tournament
Annalyse King - 1st Place - Original Performance
Annalyse King - 2nd Place - Poetry