Recognizing character

Connie Oberlin
Middle School Athletic Director
October 27, 2020

The Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award and the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Awards are meant to recognize important character traits, ones that will lead to success not just in athletics, but in all that you do. 

I would like to congratulate all of you who played a fall sport. I truly hope you had fun, improved your skills, and that you will continue to play Canterbury sports in future seasons.

Our first award is the Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award:
The Canterbury Athlete who shows appreciation and is thankful for the opportunities presented. This athlete is kind and respectful of teammates, opponents, officials and coaches, as well as the sporting arena as a whole. Gracious regardless of the outcome of a game, this athlete maintains a humble disposition while working to be the best he or she possibly can be.

Student recipients/Coaches comments:

"When I first stepped on the pitch, this young man stood out from the rest with the way he expressed himself. He is always respectful with every individual on the team and is constantly encouraging his teammates. He is continuously super positive no matter the result and/or call being made. He is truly deserving of this award." Congratulations to Preston Erb.

"This young lady deserves this award because of her enthusiasm for everything. There was never a moment this season when she wasn't smiling and encouraging others. She definitely has one of the biggest hearts on the team, and her coach feels so blessed to have spent the past 2 years getting to know her." The next Attitude of Gratitude award goes to Lucy Claire Habecker.

"The next young lady was a first-time volleyball player and new to Canterbury School when the season started. She exhibited humility and dedication to learning the sport while adjusting to a new school. She could be counted on to work hard in both practice and games with sincere enthusiasm." Congratulations to Alivia Trier.

"This runner had a positive attitude at every practice and every meet, and she always spread that to the team. After every practice, she would thank the coaches and put her words into action by going to meets even when she could not run." Maria Tan is the next recipient of the Darby Maggard award.

"This player brought a fantastic attitude every single day to soccer, whether it was arriving at practice, warming up for a game or cheering on his teammates along the way! It was absolutely clear that he appreciates his opportunities to play and makes the most of every moment he has as a member of a Cavalier team." Well done Isaac Weigelt, the final fall recipient of the Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award!

The next award is the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award.
The Canterbury Athlete who shows persistence and toughness over time, maintaining a level of work and discipline that will lead to success. Exhibiting enthusiasm for every facet of the athletics experience, this athlete displays the resilience to rise up from failures and use them as lessons to grow stronger.

And now a little bit about each recipient, as noted by their coaches:
"Everyone on our team was so determined and focused this year, but one person stood out the most. This young lady always tries her hardest and never gives up. This season she really found the strength to get out of her head and into the game. Cece Erb, your coach is so proud of you and how much you've grown this season. Congratulations!"

"When I first saw this player in action on the pitch he stood out among all of his peers. His understanding of the game of football was very impressive. It also takes a lot of discipline and a lot of work, and he had both of those qualities. These qualities are what makes him not only a standout athlete, but also a standout individual. He was never down during or after a game; he always chose to fight and never brought down his level of football during the game." Magnus Johnson is very well deserving of the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award.

"This runner started every race with the intention of running harder than she  ever had before. It takes a lot of grit to push every race, and although her efforts did not always result in a faster time, that did not stop her. Her persistence throughout the season helped her to run her fastest time in the last race, and that is why Sarah Krabach is deserving of the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award."

"This young man worked so hard in every facet of the game, finding a way to be successful in every possible situation he would face. This trend included his very first foray into playing goalkeeper, where he gave it his all and did a great job! His tenacity serves him well in soccer and will serve him well in every other part of his life!" Congratulations, Jack Landgraf!!

"This player shows a true love of volleyball both on and off the court. She is dedicated to continual improvement. Not only does she work hard in both practice and games, but she demonstrates genuine interest in helping her teammates as they work to overcome challenges and learn new skills." Congratulations to Zanaiya Limzerwala!

"This young man showed persistence throughout the season, showing up to every practice and running his hardest at every meet. He did not give up even though he was not running as fast as he had last year. He just kept working harder at practices and meets throughout the season, and it paid off with a big PR at the last meet."  Congratulations to our final Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award winner, Christian Urberg.

I hope that all of you, as an Artist, as an Athlete, or as a Scholar, attempt to bring grit and persistence and to show gratitude in all that you do every day. Have a wonderful day, Canterbury students and teachers!

Watch the presentation:

Fall 2020 Coaches

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Ken Harkenrider
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7/8 Soccer
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 5/6 Volleyball
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