Middle School Cavs Recognized


Presented by Canterbury Middle School Dean and Athletic Director, Ben Truman on November 8:

I am pleased to be here this morning to name the fall recipients of our Middle School Cav-E awards, the Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award and the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award. Rather than simply identifying the best athletes on a team, these awards recognize important character traits, ones that will lead to success not just in athletics, but in all that a person does. 

Prior to announcing the award recipients for each fall team, I would like to recognize and thank our outstanding coaches for the fall season: 5/6 Soccer— Ken Harkenrider and David Bowen — 7/8 Soccer—Rob Westfall, Matt Brown, and Zach Gladieux — 5/6 Volleyball-Holly Miller and Taiwan Brown, 7/8 Volleyball— LeAnne Gibbs and Lindsey Ellis, and Cross Country – Dawn Parker.

In addition, I would like to congratulate all of you who played a fall sport. I truly hope you had fun, improved your skills, and that you will continue to play Canterbury sports in future seasons.

Our first award is the DARBY MAGGARD ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AWARD. Darby was an outstanding basketball player who graduated from Canterbury in 2015.

The description of the award named after Darby is: The Canterbury Athlete who shows appreciation and is thankful for the opportunities presented. This athlete is kind and respectful of teammates, opponents, officials and coaches, as well as the sporting arena as a whole. Gracious regardless of the outcome of a game, this athlete maintains a humble disposition while working to be the best he or she possibly can be.

And now a little bit about each recipient, as noted by their coaches for DARBY MAGGARD ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AWARD:

7/8 V: This young lady is a talented volleyball player who continually works to improve her game. She has worked this season to overcome disappointments and mistakes to be a consistent contributor to the team both on and off the court. She could be counted on to encourage her teammates to perform to the best of their ability and her teammates looked up to her volleyball knowledge. Great job Ruby Grieder!

7/8 V: This young lady approaches every aspect of the game with a positive attitude and desire to learn. She has embraced leading and helping her teammates and strives to get better with every opportunity. Congratulations Manhattan Morrisey! 

XC: This young man consistently shares kindness, genuine interest, and acceptance of teammates and coach. He inspires others to be respectful and thankful by his example and encouragement. He keeps a watchful eye over his team and positions himself to be most helpful. Awesome job Henry Collins!

5/6 soccer: This young man not only gave high energy and effort to improve, but he did so with an attitude of positivity and humility. He moved from position to position as the season progressed, always being willing to do what the coaches asked and the team needed. It was a regular daily habit for him to personally thank each coach as we left the field. Tremendous job Charlie Bolt!

5/6 v: This young lady is always uplifting her teammates and encouraging them to do their best. She shows gratitude towards her coaches and is respectful to every person she comes across. Her kind heart and positivity impacts everyone around her. Great job Elina Surendran!

 7/8 soccer: This young man brought the same amazing attitude and effort to every practice, drill, game, and play.  He ran himself ragged doing whatever the team needed. He was a quiet, consistent example of doing the right thing without complaint. And, it was apparent from the way he played that he loves the game and enjoys playing it. Amazing job Timothy Van Curen!

The next award is the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award. Many of you may remember Austin from a few years ago when he spoke to all lower and middle school students about the importance of setting goals. 

This is the description of the award named after him:

The Canterbury Athlete who shows persistence and toughness over time, maintaining a level of work and discipline that will lead to success. Exhibiting enthusiasm for every facet of the athletics experience, this athlete displays the resilience to rise up from failures and use them as lessons to grow stronger.

And now a little bit about each recipient, as noted by their coaches:

7/8 V: This young lady is a talented multi-sport athlete. Her contribution to the game of volleyball and her team at Canterbury this season was admirable for her dedication to hard work and improvement while learning to play a new position. She always had a smile on her face and saw mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Great job Sophia Miller!

7/8 V: This young lady is one player that refuses to give up. She continues to put in hard work to better herself and improve her skills. She maintains a positive attitude through the good moments and the challenges. She was challenged to step up as a leader on her team, and she rose to that challenge in commendable fashion. Awesome job Arielle Waterfield!

XC: This athlete shows enthusiasm for every aspect of cross country running. She works hard at practices and independently trains to improve. She thoughtfully analyzes her running form and meet performances. She is consistently self disciplined and is also most supportive of teammates. Her desire to give shines brightly. Awesome job Melissa Tan!

5/6 Soccer: This athlete works tirelessly to improve his game, and he came every day with a willing spirit and a coachable attitude. He was open to playing any position we asked throughout the season, even when a new position was not immediately in his comfort zone. He was a joy to have as a team member, and he will accomplish great things with the attitude he brings! Great job Will Hirschy

5/6 soccer: This athlete takes his game and his improvement very seriously, thinking through every facet of the game with rigour and thoroughness. He even looks BACK on his play, after the fact, to identify things that he may fix.... an unusual trait for players of his age. He always brings a level of effort that lifts everyone around him which makes him an ideal teammate! Great work Beckett Steffy!

5/6 v: This young lady deserves this award for her persistence and strive to always be better. She never gives up and uses her mistakes as a chance to learn and grow. She consistently exhibits hard work and determination. Great job Addie DePold!

7/8 soccer: This young man improved immensely this season and turned into a consistent goal scoring threat.  He never gave up on a play. If there was a 50/50 ball, or even a 30/70 ball, he was going to win it. Tremendous job Braeden Melo Rolland!

Thanks all and go Cavs!