Middle School Athletes and Writers Recognized

Canterbury Middle School 2023 Writers' Conference Awards

Grade 5

Suvin Jaiswal
Ishaan Nyaharkar
Elina Surendran
Charlotte Gillan
Lyla Caudell
Cameron Fullhart
Cash Campbell
Noah Parrish
Gabrielle Snyder
Indy Waterfield

Grade 6

Dan Adilov
Charis Esslinger
Zane Faulstich
Beatrice Habecker
Katherine Hong
Jenna Inayat
Aleena Najib
Lia Rohrschneider
Tyler Stewart
Jason Zhang

Grade 7

Parker Baldwin
Raean Elhassan
Cecilia Erb
Victoria Kim
Arha Kureti
Xander Laurie
Grant McBride
Jocelyn Roth
Rojin Shashani
Mira Yarram

Grade 8

Jackson Campbell
Sydney Coley
Milly Cunningham
Emma Glassley
Ruby Grieder
Lucy Claire Habecker
Ashley Hong
Andrew Langford
Caitlin Maloblocki
Landon Mauch
Roshan Ramen
Arielle Waterfield

Canterbury Middle School Cav-E Awards: Spring Sports

Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award

5/6th grade girls soccer: This athlete has such a "can do" mindset and positive attitude that she brings everywhere she goes! She embraces each and every opportunity presented to her, goes "all in" with her effort, and then reflects a gratitude for having had the chance to engage fully. The sky's the limit for what she will be able to accomplish with such an approach! Congratulations to Emme Russell!

7/8th grade girls soccer: This is a player worthy of recognition for the Darby Attitude of Gratitude Award. She consistently thanks her coaches after every game and encourages her teammates specifically with enthusiasm at games and practices. On one such occasion, when all players received a team "sunshine sticker" after practice one day, without realizing that her coaches took notice, we saw her give her "sunshine sticker" away to a teammate and specifically encouraged that teammate for what good she saw in that teammate. She did this quietly with no intent of being noticed. She simply did so because that is her heart. Truly a heart of gratitude! Great job Emma Glassley!

 5/6th grade boys soccer: This individual did a great job all season for us. He showed up to every practice and game with an open mind and truly wanted to get better. He also was positive all year long. Great job to Walker Wardlow!

7/8th grade boys soccer: This athlete has been a very willing player. Listens to and attempts to implement any and all coaching points. He also goes  out of his way to thank the coaches each and everyday. Great job Oliver Cunningham!

Tennis: 5/6 = This athlete is positive at every practice and match. It is his great attitude and dedication to hard work that allowed him to shine as a player and teammate this year. Great job Poorab Jayswal!

Tennis 7/8  = Even through an injury she showed up for her team to cheer them on. She maintained a positive attitude and was always a kind competitor on the courts. Awesome job Bella Brough!

Track: This person is a true representation of an athlete who is gracious for every opportunity. I can always count on her to look out for the other members of the track team. I am grateful for the years that I have had to coach her. Great job Shannon Rousell!

 Golf: I have never seen the kid without a smile even if he played less than his best. He’s always incredibly respectful, happy to be there and willing to listen and grown. He is the example of what a teachable / wonderful young athlete should be. Super job to Kellen Gupta!

Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award

5/6th grade girls soccer: This individual absolutely "brings it" every single minute of every single day! There is no "down time" nor is there any reason for her to ever give less than 100%. She does so with a willing and open spirit, and not only does she listen for input from her coaches she genuinely works to incorporate that input into her play as much as possible! These qualities will serve her well moving forward as she will maximize the many opportunities that will come her way! Congratulations to Paige Harris! 

7/8th grade girls soccer: This is a player worthy of recognition for the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award. She plays with determination to win and has demonstrated an even greater maturity with her actions by showing willingness to offer herself to whatever the team needs. When our team was lacking in players to play goal-keeper, she not only volunteered to do so, she did so with a great attitude and has even found joy in learning a new position. In the past few games of the season, she has been found directing and encouraging her teammates from the goal-keeper position and has been extremely coachable, showing an eagerness to learn. We are so proud of your grit and persistence - awesome job to Ruby Grieder!

5/6th grade boys soccer: We could always trust that this athlete would give it his all. He’s a hard worker, never gave up, and brought great energy to every practice. He is someone that has a great attitude and you can count on to show grit and determination. Great job to Colin Presser!

7/8th grade boys soccer: This athlete has been willing to forgo time in the net to play defense. He knows the team is better with him there. He works and hustles on everyplay and is relentless in his work rate, communication and support of his teammates. Super job to Charlie Shoppell!

Tennis: 5/6th: This individual started the season as a beginner and quickly put in the effort required to improve. His grit and perseverance allowed him to move up and play with older competitors, all the while maintaining great sportsmanship. Super job to Tehas Nyaharkar!

Tennis 7/8th: This athlete shows up ready to play and always puts forth his best effort. He continues to grow stronger every year due to his dedication and perseverance. Great job Evan Webster!

Track: This track athlete never complains about the tasks at hand. He works hard and pushes himself and others to be their absolute best. His grit and determination will take him far in life. I wish him luck with his track career in high school. Excellent work to Gavin Lass!

Golf: This golfer had a rough last year with his golf game struggling to play at the level he was used to and getting very frustrated. He took a break from the game and came back mentally stronger then he’s ever been. He worked really hard coming back to the game and has been medalist in every match this year showing his drive to mentally and physically overcome the frustrations of the sport. Awesome job to Wyatt Oberlin!