Lower School Chapel a Cherished Tradition

Natalie A. Trout
Director of Marketing & Communications
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Presentations on topics like virtues, history, multiculturalism, traditions, and curriculum might sound like something one would experience at a university, but actually, these are common topics explored in Canterbury Lower School's Chapel presentations.

"It's so exciting to be able to gather in person for Chapel again this year," says Lower School Director Mike Landgraf. "It is such an important time for us to be able to gather as a community."

What really makes Chapel special at the Lower School is that the students do the presenting. They prepare and present in front of an audience made up of their peers, teachers, and parents. Chapel is a time of songs, praying, learning valuable life lessons that compliment what is being learned in the classroom, and it is also a time to experience different cultures and to discuss the virtues of the month.

Grade 2 teacher Stacia Czartoski says the students learn about audience manners, listening, and sitting quietly. Those who are presenting gain confidence in speaking in front of large groups. Students are also expected to memorize lines and learn how to use a microphone.

"They learn how to speak clearly," Czartoski says, "slowly, and loud enough for everyone to hear. They are taught how to stand on stage, wait their turn, and know when it is their turn to speak."

One of Czartoski's students shared with her that he was really nervous about speaking in chapel, but that once he said his first line and looked at one person in the audience, he felt like he was just talking to one person, and he wasn't nervous anymore.

"To me, that says it all!" Czartoski says.

There are many positives about Canterbury students being able to gather again, and Lower School Chapel is one of our favorites.

“This is a wonderful tradition, and it is great to be back together in person," Landgraf says.