Lessons from Eric Carle

By Natalie A. Trout
Marketing & Communications Specialist
October 12, 2020

For a few weeks each year, the Junior Kindergarten classrooms at Canterbury are abuzz with excitement surrounding lessons about author and artist Eric Carle. It's been a Canterbury tradition for more than 20 years, with one of the most popular activities being splatter painting.

"We hear an abundance of giggles and laughter during the splatter painting," said Junior Kindergarten teaching assistant Lorrie Walker. "They love painting and being able to get messy."

Another portion of the unit is learning how Carle makes his own paper and uses them in collages for his books. The students will make their own paper and turn it into a collage. They will also make pancakes after reading Carle's book, Pancakes, Pancakes.

Carle is perhaps best known for his book The Hungry Caterpillar, which can help students learn about the days of the week. In The Grouchy Ladybug, they focus on time, and in Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?, students learn about colors.

"All of Carle's books have overlying lessons," Walker said. "everything a child can relate to and learn from, plus very cool art with added bonuses in his books."

Even Canterbury's remote Junior Kindergarten students are enjoying the Eric Carle unit. They were given art supplies to make their own paper and collages at home. Walker is able to talk with the students virtually about Carle's books and discuss the lessons involved.

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