Influences: The Connections Between Students and Educators

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Oliver Mitchell '24
Trevor Campbell

Olivia Carver '24
Stephen Perfect

Wading Sumatran
Sophia Zhang '25
Trevor Cambell

Jacob Scheele '24
Stephen Perfect

In 2023, Canterbury High School art teacher Trevor Campbell proposed a group exhibition with five other regional art educators to ArtLink, Fort Wayne's Contemporary Art Gallery. The proposal was titled, "Influences: The Connections Between Students and Educators." The idea of the exhibition was to show that not only do teachers have inherent influence on students, but how students and their creativity have a profound impact on teachers' personal art practices.

The exhibition was approved and expanded as an open call, with other local art teachers being able to submit theirs/their student work for consideration. Campbell will be showing artwork alongside Oliver Mitchell '24 and Sophia Zhang, '25. High School Photography teacher Stephen Perfect and two of his students, Olivia Carver '24 and Jacob Scheele '24, were accepted into the show as well.

The exhibition will run from February 15 - March 10, with a reception on February 15 from 5-8. We would love for the Canterbury community to come and support our students.