Gupta's Poem is 1st in State

Staff Reports
March 20, 2022

Canterbury High School's Arnav Gupta '24 was excited enough that his poem was selected as one of the top ten poems in the state of Indiana for the Indiana Arts Commission contest "Poetry Ourselves," and things got even better when they announced that his poem brought home first prize.

The program is supported by First Lady Holcomb, and one of the judges was the Indiana State Poet Laureate. Arnav wins $75 and the official title of State Champion. 

"When Arnav writes and speaks in class he is careful," said Canterbury English and Creative Writing teacher Erica Anderson-Senter. "He's an observant person which makes conversation and poetry approachable. I love teaching Arnav, he always brings something insightful to class, and I'm so proud of how he's bringing humanity to the little things of high school."

Congratulations, Arnav! 

Here is Arnav's state champion poem:

Coldest Day In January; My Assignment Is To Write A Poem
By Arnav Gupta

Shivering, I take a look around the field
at the dead trees, still beautiful as ever
with their snow-covered branches. 
I look at my classmates, dropping their notebooks 
to shelter their hands in the warmth of their pockets.
The weather is like a stone heart, bitter
and cold to the touch. The feeling is cherishable.
Freedom. Peace. The sound of the wind. The sight 
of the rattling snow-covered bush. My hands, shaking
like wet dogs, begin to write in my journal. 
As if they have a mind of their own, the words 
appear on the page like magic.
Shivering, I take a look around the field