Grade 11 Student to Serve on Teen Council

Fully dressed in her 80's Spirit Day makeup during Homecoming week in September, Megan True '23 had a Zoom interview as part of her application with the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Teen Council. Canterbury AP art teacher Trevor Campbell introduced her to the opportunity, and although she was decked out in 80's gear, she killed the interview and was accepted.

The FWMA Teen Council is holding open critiques for other teen artists on Saturday, December 11 from 1-3 p.m. at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. They will help fellow students learn about entering the Scholastic Art Awards, preparing for college applications, and receiving critiques and constructive criticism on their work. Interested students can sign up for this free even here.

True took a few minutes to share more with us about the Teen Council:

What does it mean to be a part of this concil?
This is the inaugural class of the FWMoA Teen Council. We had the privilege to create the mission statement of the council which is, "The FWMoA Teen Council works to provide activities and opportunities for area youth to learn new skills and ideas by exploring their creative side, thus adding value to their life and work and attracting a more diverse audience to the museum." We are currently planning multiple events that can help teens and young people become more involved with the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the art community of Fort Wayne in general. 

Why is this something you wanted to be a part of?
I'm very passionate about art and definitely want to continue it in the future. I want to encourage other young people to continue art into the future too, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to not only do that but to meet others who feel the same way. Also, I love the FWMoA and have been visiting since I was super young!

How has Canterbury supported your artistic endeavors?
I've been provided many ways to show my art to others, whether it be submitting to award shows, gallery exhibitions, or just putting up my art in the hallways. Winning awards and receiving positive comments has boosted my confidence and helped me become more bold with my art. 

What type of art do you enjoy creating most? Why?
I love drawing, especially working with ink pens and alcohol markers. I prefer drawing humans because they're so complex and beautiful, plus there's a lot of creases and crevices that are super fun to shade. I find myself drawing everything and anything, though. The wall above my work desk at home is filled from ceiling to floor with sketches I did during my online classes in quarantine.  

Megan True '23
 Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Teen Council