Celebrating the Seniors

We caught up with Canterbury's three seniors on the Girls' Basketball team before Senior Night, Friday, January 27.

What year did you start at Canterbury?
Kate Royster: 
I started at Canterbury when I was 3
Annalyse King: I started at Canterbury my freshman year.
Isabelle Ellis: I started at Canterbury my freshman year of high school.

How long have you been playing basketball?
I have played basketball at Canterbury since fifth grade.
Annalyse:  I’ve played basketball at Canterbury all four years, but I’ve been playing since around first grade. I started with Y ball and I’ve been playing since. 
Isabelle: I have been playing basketball since 5th grade.

What's your favorite basketball memory?
Kate: My favorite memories of basketball are when we play knock out or a dribbling game at the end of practice . I also had fun on our bus rides to our games my freshman year.
Annalyse:  My favorite memories from basketball are probably when we play a game similar to musical chairs, but with basketballs at practice. It’s actually really fun and the team always ends up laughing a lot. 
Isabelle: My favorite basketball memory is the basketball sleepovers because it's fun to be with a group of girls outside your grade level and become close, also whenever we would just shoot free throws as a group because it was a chance for all of us to just talk to each other and have fun while still practicing. The games we sometimes play at the end of practice are also really fun.

What will you miss most about Canterbury?
I will miss all of the friends I have made over the past four years. 
Annalyse:  I will definitely miss all of my teams. I’m a three season athlete and being a new student my freshman year I found that sports were how I made most of my connections, and they’ve grown over the years. 
Isabelle: I will definitely miss my coaches because they have been amazing mentors for me over the past 4 years, and also my teammates as we have built close relationships with each other and the environment we create together is always filled with laughter and fun so that will definitely be missed as well.