Celebrate MS Spring Cav-Es

By Connie Oberlin
Middle School Athletic Director

I would like to recognize the spring recipients of our Middle School Cav-E awards, the Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award and the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award. These awards are meant to recognize important character traits, ones that will lead to success not just in athletics, but in all that you do. A reminder that an individual athlete may win each award only once in a school year. Previous winners are listed on posters around the building. Our first award is the Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award, and here is the description:

The Canterbury Athlete who shows appreciation and is thankful for the opportunities presented. This athlete is kind and respectful of teammates, opponents, officials and coaches, as well as the sporting arena as a whole. Gracious regardless of the outcome of a game, this athlete maintains a humble disposition while working to be the best he or she possibly can be.

And now a little bit about each spring recipient, as written by their coaches: This athlete is without question the most positive young lady I have ever met. Regardless of her score or how she is playing, she always, and I mean always, has a smile on her face. Even if she is having a rough round, she will see a teammate hit a great shot and will instantly and with complete sincerity tell them “great shot.” She is a joy to have around for all who are blessed to be around her. Congratulations to Brianna Wing.

This young lady has such a wonderful and thankful attitude. She always listens to her coaches and appreciates learning and applying what she has learned. Outstanding job this season, Shannon Roussell.

This athlete is quite literally a sponge as he absorbs everything coaches share with him! Further, he is appreciative at every turn, displaying an attitude of gratitude for each experience that presents itself to him. Armed with this approach he will no doubt continue to improve in his skills and tactics and be an ever more important player on every team he joins. Way to go, Lukas Johnson.

This player can always be counted on to be positive and encouraging. When he plays, it is clear he is having fun, and his teammates want to be his partner. He was a wonderful addition to the tennis team this year. Thanks for being a positive influence and making our team even better, Tyler Stewart.

This young man shows up to each match and practice ready to give it his all. He puts forth maximum effort and still manages to make time to get to know his opponents while playing. He is known to compliment other players both on and off the court. His attitude of gratitude is like none other. A great teammate and role model for our team, congratulations go to Jackson Campbell.

This athlete labored in the nets for the 7-8 soccer team this season. He has been asked to make dozens of saves in multiple games. He just seems to be pleased that he can contribute and never loses his composure. Great job and congratulations to Charlie Shoppell.

This young lady always maintained a positive attitude, worked hard, and supported all of her teammates. She helped our awesome team come together by emphasizing learning in practice as well as listening to the coaches and performing at her best in games. Thank you and congratulations to Malika Ahmad.

This young man shows up to every practice with a smile on his face. He seems to love the game and shows it by his positive attitude. He never gets frustrated with himself and just tries to work his hardest. He shows respect to his teammates and coaches by listening to others, always being polite, and is prepared to help others when needed. Way to go, Grant McBride!

It is with great joy that we recognize this young lady as a recipient of the Darby Maggard Attitude of Gratitude Award.

She has demonstrated outstanding coachability and sacrificed her own desires for the needs of her team. She willingly took the role of goal-keeper when she could have easily played in a different position. She did so with a humble heart and continued to show her coaches, teammates, and opponents that there's joy in serving others. Thank you, Alivia Trier, and well done!

The Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award goes to a Canterbury Athlete who shows persistence and toughness over time, maintaining a level of work and discipline that will lead to success. Exhibiting enthusiasm for every facet of the athletics experience, this athlete displays the resilience to rise up from failures and use them as lessons to grow stronger.

And now a little bit about each recipient:

This young man has out worked everyone in both training and games this season. He has been wildly coachable and has applied the lessons and coaching points to his game each day. Congratulations to Charlie Biggs.

This young lady has come to every practice and game with the desire to improve herself, and this has been demonstrated through her tenacious play on the field. She has a spirit in her that never gives up. She has willingly asked to try different positions on the field to help her team wherever it's needed and has done so with explicit delight. It is with great joy that we recognize Rayna Patel as a recipient of the Austin Hatch Grit and Persistence Award. Thank you, Rayna, and well done!

This athlete sparks enthusiasm and readiness every time she comes to practice. She listens and works hard to improve on what the team was focusing on during that practice. Even on her own time, she works on her golf game to become a better player. She never came in with a negative attitude and retains what the coaches tell her, then incorporates it into her skills. Great job, Averi Choe!

This athlete has more mental toughness than maybe any young man I have been around. Regardless of frustrations and obstacles that arise, he will battle through those hurdles and find a way to create a positive result. He learns from his mistakes quickly and finds ways to make them a thing of the past. His ability to adapt and overcome should be emulated by other young athletes. Congratulations to Wyatt Oberlin.

This player showed two notable types of toughness, mental and physical. She embraced the mental challenge of learning how to play different positions and doing whatever was necessary to help the team. And, she gave 100% effort on the field at all times, no matter whether the temperature outside was cold or hot. Thank you to everyone on the outstanding 5/6 Girls Soccer team, and especially to our Hatch recipient, Manhattan Morrissey.

This young man gives it his all every time he hits the track. He is a great role model for all of the runners on the track team. We truly appreciate his grit and determination. Way to go, Gavin Lass.

This young lady is a mighty player on the court and is always pushing herself to grow. She is brave and leans into any challenge. Way to be a great role model for your teammates, Caroline Miller!

Having worked with this athlete just this past fall season, it was remarkable to witness the difference in his overall engagement this spring. While he still has great potential for growth ahead, his determined effort to try his best and to give his all came to the fore far more frequently throughout this season. We commend this young man and hope for his continued improvement in this area! When effort leads, success follows!  Congratulations to Elliott Backs.

This young man is focused and successful on the court. He plays with passion and integrity. He is always learning from his mistakes and celebrating his victories in a humble manner. When he isn’t playing, he can usually be found rooting on teammates and sharing tips to help lead the team to success. He is a great role model and makes others want to be their best selves too.  Super job, Will Miller!

Congratulations to all of the Maggard and Hatch recipients for spring as well as the rest of the year, and also to the 8th grade sportsmanship and leadership commended athletes who were recognized at the MS Athletics Recognition a few weeks ago. I hope that if you were not in the 82% of middle school students who participated in athletics this school year, you participated in something else that is your passion (and that perhaps next school year you may decide to try a sport). Have a wonderful summer!