Cavs Make it Count at Mathcounts

The Canterbury Mathcounts team competed at PFW on Saturday, February 11 under the direction of Canterbury Middle School math teacher Karin Soat. Representing Canterbury were: Charlie Vande Water, Mahi Khemka, Mira Yarram, Benji Joseph, Caleb Madarang, Melissa Tan, Jason Zhang, and Tejas Nyaharkar. Competing as alternates were Cameron Fullhart and Charlie Bolt.

Individual Award Recipients were:
1st Place Charlie Vande Water
3rd Place Mahi Khemka
5th Place Melissa Tan
6th Place Benji Joseph
7th Place Jason Zhang

Individual Alternate Award Recipient:
1st Place Cameron Fullhart

Countdown Round Overall Winner
Charlie Vande Water

First Place Team Award Recipients:
Charlie Vande Water
Benji Joseph
Mahi Khemka
Mira Yarram

The first place team will compete at the Mathcounts State Tournament at Purdue University. In addition, Carlie Vande Water will compete in the Countdown Round. He will also represent Canterbury in the Individual State Competition.

Congratulations to all of our outstanding Mathcounts Cavaliers!