Canterbury's "Thread of Knowledge"

Canterbury Reports
June 7, 2021

Canterbury School art teachers Vicki Junk-Wright and Maria Kirkland have left their mark on the school in many, many ways. They orchestrated a cross-divisional art project that will delight the Canterbury community for many years ahead. The finished mural is called, "Thread of Knowledge."

"We never know what our students take with them as they move through the different years of school," Junk-Wright says. "We hope the knowledge sticks, but we also hope the gathering of knowledge fits with our community, connecting us to a better place as we continue to add to our collective experiences. This mural celebrates the different levels of knowledge and skills as we develop collectively into a community."

The mural includes 11 panels each from Lower School, Middle School, and High School, and one each from the art teachers. Each student chose an area of school they wanted to draw and represent on their panel. The mural includes subjects like math, science, languages, English, sports, field trips, friendship, computer science, arts, chess, history, and more.

Students were to draw their subject primarily in the white thread, with anything outside the white thread having the possibility of being covered with background colors. The High School after-school encaustic art class, with visiting artist Ruth Koomler, worked on the background of the panels over a series of six sessions. 

Congratulations to Junk-Wright, Maria Kirkland, Melissa Madsen and all of the Canterbury students who worked on this incredible piece of art!


Thread of Knowledge Slideshow

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