Canterbury Takes on Lime City Relays

Canterbury Boys' and Girls' Track competed at the Lime City Relays at Huntington North High School on April 29.

Boys' Results

High Jump: 2nd Place - Will Russell

3200: 4th Place - Caleb Walda

4 x 800: 2nd Place - Enrique Gonzales, Luke Ellis, Caleb Walda, Collin Campbell

Mid-distance Relay: 4th Place - Will Russell, Enrique Gonzales, Luke Ellis, Collin Campbell

4 x 400: 5th Place - Collin Campbell, Enrique Gonzalez, Caleb Walda, Will Russell

1600: 6th Place - Collin Campbell

300 Hurdles: 7th Place - Enrique Gonzalez

Spring Medley Relay: 8th Place - Sean Diamente, Adam Mayer, Andrei Wallstrom, Silas Walda

Girls' Results

3200: 2nd Place - Anya Ramrakhiani, 6th Place - Sara Krabach

Shot Put: 3rd Place - Annalyse King

4 x 800: 4th Place - Promyse Williams, Maria Tan, Isabelle Ellis, Sarah Krabach

1600: 5th Place - Anya Ramrakhiani

4 x 400: 5th Place - Grace Chaille, Isabelle Ellis, Annalyse King, Promyse Williams

Sprint Medley Relay: 6th Place - Annalyse King, Isabelle Ellis, Grace Chaille, Sameera Apuri