Canterbury National Scholar Recognitions

National Merit Semi-Finalists


Rachel Li, Chloe Park, and Aishani Valluru

(Kristijonas Bernatonis also finished as a National Merit Semi-Finalist, but has returned to Lithuania and is not eligible to be a National Merit Finalist due to his citizenship.)

With four students earning Semi-Finalist status, Canterbury accounts for 30% of Allen County's total number of National Merit Semi-Finalists while accounting for approximately 1% of Allen County's high school enrollment.

National Merit Commended Scholars

Sean Diamente and Annika Valluru

College Board National Recognition Programs

National African-American Recognition Program:
Khyree Bowe, Jaylasha Starks, Deacon Wardlow, Dillon Wardlow, and Promyse Williams

National Hispanic Recognition Program: Ashley Choi