Canterbury Kindergarten: Mrs. O'Maley

Natalie A. Trout
Marketing & Communications Specialist

February 15, 2021

Bridget O’Maley loves Kindergarten. The running, skipping, dancing, all of it! She thinks it’s a true blessing to be a Kindergarten teacher at Canterbury.

“I love the excitement of new learning, the growth in reading, math, and independence” O’Maley said. “I love the daily stories we share in connection to learning or just getting to know our students. This age is full of surprises and discoveries, and it’s such an incredible journey kids make during their Kindergarten year.”

O’Maley has been teaching for 15 years, and this is her third year at Canterbury. Like most teachers, she’s had a year unlike any other due to the pandemic. She compared it to being on a roller coaster she never chose to get on. There are times of high anxiety, she said, followed by times of extreme laughter and roaring cheers.

“I have definitely learned a lot about perspective, the power of positivity, and an appreciation for so many small things I used to take for granted,” O’Maley said. “The positive in all of this remains the smiles behind the masks on all of my favorite little faces. It’s always for them, so I’d wear a space suit to teach these kiddos in person if I had to.”

So far, no space suits, just masks and plexiglass.

This semester, O’Maley’s class is looking forward to trips to the High School campus for a winter hike, Arctic Animal yoga, and building a habitat for a winter animal they’ve been learning about.

The unique learning opportunities are one of the things O’Maley loves most about Canterbury School.

“The possibilities are endless here!” O’Maley said. “The community is strong, and it feels like everyone is here for the number one goal of helping kids.”