Canterbury Hosts College Admissions Keynote Speaker

From Staff Reports
March 23, 2022

Director of College Counseling Brian Estrada was eager to start a College Admissions Keynote program at Canterbury School when he first came to the school in 2021. He thought it was especially important as we emerge from the pandemic years and look ahead to a college admissions landscape that has changed in significant ways.

In the fall of 2021, Michael Pina from the University of Richmond came to Canterbury School for a college visit appointment. Estrada knew he was the right person to invite back as a keynote speaker. So on March 22, Pina presented to a number of different groups on the Canterbury High School campus.

"It is rare for senior admission leaders to also have prior experience leading college counseling programs," Estrada said. "Mr. Pina's direct knowledge of how college admissions offices are setting strategies and making decisions, as well as the questions, aspirations, and worries of families in independent college preparatory schools, allowed him to both inform and inspire in a particularly compelling way."

Pina shared insights with students, faculty, and parents, which will inform many of the upcoming conversations in Canterbury's college counseling. Nearly 100 people turned out for Pina's evening presentation, which also included some Grade 8 students and their parents.

Middle School Director Lincoln Gray said Pina's presentation was impressive and informative. 

"Mr. Pina had some great advice that related to all kinds of students and all kinds of colleges," Gray said. "But the piece that resonated with me the most was how he continually circled back to all the incredible opportunities that are available at Canterbury High School. The wide variety of paths that are available to our students to grow their leadership, develop their passions, and pursue their interests are unmatched in this area."

Michael Pina
Director of Admission
University of Richmond