2022 Writers' Conference Winners

Congratulations to all of our Writers' Conference winners!

Grade 1:

1. Violet Madarang: The Green Bunny

2. Harrison Huttenlocker: Snake Searches for a Frog

1. Harper Eckert: Isabella and Airabella Switch
2. Matthew Bechill: The Pirate’s Treasure

Grade 2: 
1. Everly Haggard: The Pig Named Pickel

2. Nathan Nwankwo: Oreo, Bolt, and Burn 

1. Zoya Nur: An Amazing Discovery

2. Nora Tibbot: The Ilses Stone      

1. Chloe Kiester: The Forest Problem

2. Mason Gould: The Haunted House

Grade 3:
1. Easter Lehman: Ms. Dwarf: From Ugly to Beauty

2. Angola Fawibe: Bella and the Beast

1. Lalita Yarram: George and Suzzy’s Day at the Beach
2. Caroline Langel: The Mysterious Shape

1. Eric Lugakingira: The Power of the Animals
2. Ethan Schowe: Dangerous Climbers

Grade 4:
1. Brynn Bova: I Escaped the Bombing of Poland

2. Savanna Linn: Diary of 1919: Friends, Family, Molasses

1. Sasha Hampp: Lost at Sea: The Story of Amelia Earhart
2. Gwen Baldwin: 9/11

1. Elina Surendran: The Attack
2. Noah Parrish: Musket

Independent Winners
1. Mia Starkey: Dotty’s New Home (Burrows)

Grade 1:
1. Jack Langel: The Beach Adventure (Straessle)
2. Clara Boon: Selby and Will Go Places (Stinson)

Grade 2:
1. Parker Hull: Mara and the Water Knight  (Czartoski)
2. Rhea Verma: Crisha and the Magic Baby Ponies (Meyer)

Grade 3:
1. Lettie Karr: My Dogs Went to the Moon (Mauch)
2. Lalita Yarram: Wanted (Pabla)

Independent Plus  
The Hamlin Award:

1. Elliot Miller: Martian’s Big Adventure (Mauch)