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Ennist Goodbye

Canterbury celebrates four years with the Ennist family and wishes them well in the future!

Planning for Fall 2020

Canterbury's commitment to our community includes frequent, consistent, and honest communication concerning our plans for returning to school in the fall.

Enriching the Middle School

Canterbury Middle School Director, Fraser Coffeen, explains why Grades 5-8 are having enrichment classes with remote learning. 

Canterbury Reads

Who knows the best books to read? We decided to check in with our English teachers and librarians to see what they're reading.

Plenty of Reasons to Smile

The Canterbury community is smiling through these tough times, thanks to the support of teachers, staff, and each other.

A note from Dr. Lombard

Canterbury school counselor Dr. Tamara Lombard, shares an excellent technique for dealing with stress when things get overwhelming.

A Bench for Caps

Canterbury Grade 2 students collected plastic caps and lids that would be recycled into a bench.