Message from the Head of School

What has impressed me most during my time at Canterbury is the school’s clear understanding of the multidimensional nature of education. Our Identify Framework – our mission, beliefs, students and results – is a key indicator of the school’s philosophy, outlining the expectations that you, as parents and guardians, should have of the Canterbury experience in preparing your children for the fulfilling intellectual, moral, personal, and community lives they will lead beyond our campuses.

Our educational program is encapsulated in the statement, “Artist. Athlete. Scholar.” These three words are deceptively simple, yet they summarize an enormous breadth of opportunities that touch upon the aesthetic, the physical, and the intellectual development of our students.

Similarly, our Chapel Program; requirements in religion, diversity and ethics; and the school’s commitment to the Positive Coaching Alliance – among many other examples – work together to form a rich, ever-present surround of attention to the development of the moral and personal aspects of our students. Who our students become as individuals is just as important to us as what they are able to accomplish.

Finally, our Signature Programs at every grade level, our regular Chapel gatherings, and service work in the greater Fort Wayne area provide shared experiences for our students that help them develop an awareness of and responsibility to the Canterbury community, and to the broader local and global communities of which they are a part. The ability to leverage their own personal development in the service of endeavors greater than themselves is our constant hope for our students as they find their places in the world.

There is such an incredible feeling of community here at Canterbury that the pages of our website can only begin to capture – it is palpable when you are here on campus. I encourage you to make a point of spending some time with us, and seeing first-hand the promise of a Canterbury education.


Bill Ennist
Head of School

Artist. Athlete. Scholar.

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