The Canterbury School Leadership team, as well as all faculty members, aim to uphold the school's mission.

The mission of Canterbury School is to maximize the potential of young people by providing a challenging, enriching, and supportive learning environment in which students build the foundation for a life of purpose, passion, and meaning.

  • As an independent school, we place the personal, social, and spiritual well-being of each student at the center of all we do.
  • As a college preparatory school, we strive to balance our treasured traditions with the needs and expectations of the students and families we serve.


Bill Ennist
Head of School
B.A., Union College
M.A., Yale University
M.A., Fairfield University


Canterbury School is a non-profit educational organization with a self-electing Board of Trustees. The three primary roles of the Board of Trustees are to establish policies and plans in support of the adopted school mission, to focus on long-range and strategic goals, and to ensure responsible stewardship of the school’s fiscal and physical resources. The Board of Trustees email address is Board@Canterburyschool.org
  • Matthew C. Wojewuczki, Chair
  • Charles J. Surack, Vice Chair
  • Laurence M. Weigand, Vice Chair
  • Thomas T. Teel, Secretary
  • James D. Kunce, Treasurer
  • Kathryn D. Callen, Foundation Representative
  • Tony W. Collins
  • Sara Ayres Craig
  • Glen H. Dixon
  • Mathew J. Elliott
  • William F. Ennist, Jr.
  • William P. Fisher
  • Mohammed S. Ghazali
  • Victoria J. Grabowski
  • Andrew S. Hobbs
  • Todd M. Jacobs
  • Byron S. Lamm
  • Henry P. Najdeski
  • Molly M. Sigler
  • Lisa A. Smits
  • Alisa D. Stovall
  • Richard R. Waterfield
  • Steven K. Zacher



The Canterbury Foundation is a nonprofit corporation founded with the purpose of stewarding the endowment for Canterbury School. The Canterbury Foundation is governed by a board of directors, who are appointed by the Canterbury School Board of Trustees. The primary responsibility of the foundation is to manage and grow the endowment in support of the school's mission and programs. The Canterbury Foundation telephone number is (260) 407-3565.

  • Robert W. Godley, President
  • Gregg C. Sengstack, Vice President
  • Elizabeth A. Ash, Secretary
  • Richard D. Waterfield, Treasurer
  • Hollis T. Bierman
  • Kathryn D. Callen
  • William R. Cast
  • William F. Ennist, Head of School
  • Carl J. Gehres
  • Frank J. Gray
  • Anne M. Karr
  • James D. Kunce
  • Michael E. McCollum
  • Janet W. Paflas
  • Michael V. Parrott
  • Frances M. Pasalich
  • Michelle M. Rousseff-Kemp
  • Rev. Paul Smith
  • Todd R. Stephenson
  • David A. Stewart
  • Kathleen M. Summers
  • Nancy A. Westfall
  • William W. Wilson
  • Peter C. Wilson
  • Matthew C. Wojewuczki, Board of Trustees Chair


Bill Ennist
Head of School
B.A., Union College
M.A., Yale University
M.A., Fairfield University


Ben Ottenweller
Assistant Head of School
High School Director
B.S., Indiana University
M.A., Ball State University



Jerry Belcher
Business Manager
B.S., Purdue University
M.B.A., Indiana University




Katie Burrows ('96)
Lower School Director
Interim Early Childhood Director
B.S., Miami University
M.A., Ball State University



Fraser Coffeen ('96)
Middle School Director
B.A., Northwestern University
M.A., National Louis University


  Jessica Morales
  Director of Institutional Advancement
  B.A., M.B.A., Iona College


Artist. Athlete. Scholar.

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