Head of School Search

The Board of Trustees of Canterbury School is conducting a national and international search to identify its next Head of School. The successful candidate will inherit a thriving school that is exceptionally well-positioned for the next phase in its continuing evolution. Founded in 1977, Canterbury is now a mature institution with an established history and reputation of excellence upon which to build into the future. The school seeks an accomplished, confident and inspirational educational leader who will embrace Canterbury’s enduring values and its commitment to bring out the best in all students – consistent with its tagline Artist. Athlete. Scholar. – and effectively prepare them for college and beyond.

Search Process Timeline

September 2019

  • Search Co-chairs, committee members and search consultant selection
  • Search consultants conduct on-site visit, interviews and surveys with key school constituents

October 2019

  • Identify qualities and qualifications of ideal next Head of School based on school-wide input from surveys and interviews
  • Create IFC (Information for Candidates) school and position opportunity profile for candidates
  • Search consultants build and screen candidate pool in collaboration with search committee

November 2019

  • Identify semi-finalist candidates and set in-person interviews
  • Conduct in-person interviews and further vet candidates
  • Determine finalists

December 2019 / January 2020

  • Finalists' interviews at Canterbury
  • Selection of next Head of School or decision to extend search

Note: This timeline only aims to capture the major steps in the search process. Numerous additional steps are involved in this complex process that are not reflected here.

Search Committee & Consultants

Canterbury School and its Board of Trustees wish to thank those who are serving as members of the Search Committee:

  • Co-chair Jan Paflas
  • Co-chair Debbie Parrott '87
  • Board of Trustees Chairman Matt Wojewuczki
  • Trustee Matt Elliott
  • Trustee Glen Dixon
  • Trustee Bill Fisher
  • Trustee Chuck Surack
  • Trustee Richard Waterfield '90
  • Trustee Larry Weigand
  • Foundation Chairman Robert Godley

Current and former Foundation and/or Board of Trustees:

  • Kathy Callen
  • Preeti Dembla
  • Jeanette Schouweiler
  • Nancy Westfall

Faculty member:

  • Kimberly Summers

Thanks are extended to search partner Educators' Collaborative and consultants Deirdre Ling and John Mackenzie.

Interested Applicants

Please contact Deirdre Ling (daling@comcast.net) and John Mackenzie (jmackenzie@educatorscollaborative.com) of Educators' Collaborative to be considered in Canterbury School's Head of School Search.

Information for Candidates

Search Communications

10.10.19 Search Update

An update on the Head of School Search.


9.20.19 Search Announcement

The Board of Trustees shares the steps being taken to complete the search for the next Head of Canterbury School, who will assume responsibilities on or about July 1, 2020.


7.29.19 A message from the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees announces the departure of Head of School Bill Ennist at the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year.



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Please contact Jan Paflas (jpaflas@gmail.com) and Debbie Parrott (dparrott@highmarktech.com), co-chairs of the Head of School Search Committee.