Faculty and Staff Directory

Canterbury School’s faculty provide a challenging, enriching, and supportive learning environment for students to build the foundation for a life of purpose, passion and meaning.

Many hold advanced degrees in their disciplines, including several who have earned terminal degrees. And, with a 9:1 student-faculty ratio, Canterbury students enjoy small class sizes with personalized instruction, meaningful connections, and endless support.

2021-22 Canterbury Leadership & Faculty Quick Look
2021-22 New to Canterbury and New Assignments

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Ackon, Anthony

Anthony Ackon
MS Mathematics

Adams, Deric

Deric Adams
MS After School Program

Aden, Dr. John

Dr. John Aden
MS & HS Social Studies

Akbar, Sadia

Sadia Akbar
EC Enrichment

Alt, Linda

Linda Alt
MS & HS Speech and Debate

Alverson, Kara

Kara Alverson
Early Childhood

Anderson-Senter, Erica

Erica Anderson-Senter
HS Teacher

Barr, Jennifer

Jennifer Barr
LS Teacher

Baxter, Carole

Carole Baxter

Belcher, Jerry

Jerry Belcher
Business Manager

Brothers, Bob

Bob Brothers

Brown, Tira

Tira Brown
LS Teacher

Bunn, Ashley

Ashley Bunn
EC, LS, & MS Counselor


Bunt, Peggy

Peggy Bunt

Burnett, Barbara

Barbara Burnett
EC Assistant

Burnett, Jill

Jill Burnett
MS Science

Burrows, Katie '96

Katie Burrows '96
LS Teacher

Butler, Ranae

Ranae Butler
Artistic Director


Caldwell, Joe '05

Joe Caldwell '05
MS Science

Campbell, Megan

Megan Campbell
EC Teacher

Chacon, Nancy

Nancy Chacon
EC & LS Lead Custodian

Chiang, Edward

Edward Chiang
HS Physics

Coffeen, Fraser '96

Fraser Coffeen '96
MS Director

Colegrove, Bruce

Bruce Colegrove
HS Spanish

Collier, Randall

Randall Collier

Craig, Alonzo

Alonzo Craig

Crandal, Jennie

Jennie Crandal
Physical Education

Culp, Marina

Marina Culp
EC Clubhouse

Czartoski, Stacia

Stacia Czartoski
LS Teacher

Eilers, Don

Don Eilers
MS After-School Program

Ervin, Julie

Julie Ervin
HS Science

Ervin, Ken

Ken Ervin
HS Mathematics & Engineering

Fenstermaker, Mike

Mike Fenstermaker

Fick, Tina

Tina Fick
MS English

Freehauf, Sarah

Sarah Freehauf
Early Childhood

Furman, Marina

Marina Furman
LS Extended Day

Gillan, Heather

Heather Gillan
EC Teacher

Goetz, Rob

Rob Goetz
LS Teacher

Goodmiller, David

David Goodmiller

Gray, Lincoln '92

Lincoln Gray '92
Dean of Students
HS Spanish

Greider, Hallie

Hallie Grieder
LS & MS Spanish

Gunn, Tammy

Tammy Gunn
Accounts Payable

Habecker, Dr. David '89

Dr. David Habecker '89
HS Social Studies

Hadland, Ruth

Ruth Hadland
MS Office Assistant

Hamilton, Shawnda

Shawnda Hamilton
MS English

Hammond, Marlynn

Marlynn Hammond
MS Math

Harkenrider, Ken

Ken Harkenrider
HS Athletics Director

Harman, Mike

Mike Hartman
HS Custodian

Helmkamp, Wendy

Wendy Helmkamp
MS Math

Hollis, Tami

Tami Hollis

Howerzyl, Cody

Cody Howerzyl
EDC Assistant

Huffman, Gail

Gail Huffman

Imler, Jeanne

Jeanne Imler
LS Drama

Jackson, David

David Jackson
Head of School

Jacobs, Kristie

Kristie Jacobs
EC Enrichment

Jones, Sonja

Sonja Jones
Early Childhood

Jordan, Deanna

Deanna Jordan
EC Teaching Assistant

Kim, Edward

Edward Kim
HS Computer Science

King, Ted

Ted King
HS Science

Kleinknight, Doug

Doug Kleinknight
Maintenance & Grounds

Lahrman, Tammy

Tammy Lahrman

Landgraf, Mike

Mike Landgraf
LS Director

Lass, April

April Lass
LS Office Assistant

Lazier, Dr. Joyce

Joyce Lazier
HS Religion & Philosophy

Lininger, Kylene

Kylene Lininger
Early Childhood

Little, Marc

Marc Little

Lohmar, Krista

Krista Lohmar

Lyon, Maria Elena

Maria Elena Lyon
College Counseling

MacKay-Galbraith, Janet

Janet MacKay-Galbraith
MS & HS Music

Maconochie, Elly

Dr. Elly Maconochie
EC Director

Madarang, Kelly

Kelly Madarang
LS Math

Madsen, Melissa

Melissa Madsen
LS Art

Malanson, Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Malanson
HS Biology & Psychology

Maloblocki, Angela

Angela Maloblocki
EC Teacher

Martin, Brigitte

Brigitte Martin
French Teacher

Martin, Catherine

Catherine Martin
MS & HS Latin

Mauch, Chris '94

Chris Mauch '94
LS & MS Phys Ed

Mauch, Erin

Erin Mauch
LS Teacher

Mauch, Greg

Greg Mauch
MS Phys Ed

Mauch, Nakao

Nakao Mauch

McAbee, Audrey

Audrey McAbee
Student Accounts

McKinnon, Suzanne

Suzanne McKinnon

Melendez, Eva

Eva Melendez

Meyer, Erika

Erika Meyer
Science Teacher

Meyer, Tom

Tom Meyer
LS Teacher

Mickey, Rhonda

Rhonda Mickey
LS Teacher

Micklitsch, CJ

CJ Micklitsch
Director of Technology

Miller, Holly

Holly Miller
EC Teaching Assistant

Miller, Meg

Meg Miller

Mitchell, Jimmy

Jimmy Mitchell
Fine Arts

Montes, Maria

Maria Montes

Mower, Katina

Katina Mower
HS Math

Myers, Christy

Christy Myers
LS Librarian 

Novak, Dr. Greg

Dr. Greg Novak
HS Social Studies
House Dean

Oberlin, Connie

Connie Oberlin
MS Athletics

O'Maley, Bridget

Bridget O'Maley
Kindergarten Teacher

O'Neil, Maureen

Maureen O'Neil
HS Teacher

Otis, Gary

Gary Otis

Otis, Tim

Tim Otis

Ottenweller, Ben

Ben Ottenweller
Assistant Head of School
HS Director


Pabla, Rashelle

Rashelle Pabla
LS Teacher

Parshley, Tara

Tara Parshley
EC Clubhouse

Patterson, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Patterson
MS & HS Music

Perfect, Stephen

Stephen Perfect
HS Photography

Perry, Melinda

Melinda Perry

Peters, Kris

Kris Peters
EC Teaching Assistant

Rambo, June

June Rambo
Special Projects
Office Assistant

Reeg, Julie

Julie Reeg
EC Teaching Assistant

Reelsen, Jennifer

Jennifer Reelsen
MS Science

Reeves, Patricia

Patricia Reeves
EC Librarian & Music

Roussel, Emily

Emily Roussel '90
Teaching Assistant

Rumage, Scott

Scott Rumage
HS Chemistry

Russell, Christine

Christine Russell
LS Teacher

Salas, Norma

Norma Salas
Early Childhood Teacher Assistant

Sampson, Curtis

Curtis Sampson
Bus Driver

Schug, Lenny

Lenny Schug
Bus Driver

Seifert, Petra

Petra Seifert
LS & HS Spanish

Sharpe, Blake '03

Blake Sharpe '03
EC & LS Physical Education

Sharpe, Jessica

Jessica Sharpe '03

Short, Uma

Uma Short
HS Math

Slayman, Sean

Sean Slayman

Steffy, Kim

Kim Steffy

Stephens, John

John Stephens
HS English

Stephens, Magda

Magda Stephens
Blackbaud Administrator

Stinson, Julie

Julie Stinson
LS Teacher

Straessle, Kim

Kim Straessle
LS Teacher

Stronczek, Dave

Dave Stronczek
LS Teacher

Summers, Kimberly

Kimberly Summers
HS French

Tan, Colleen

Colleen Tan
LS, MS, HS Music

Teel, Tish

Tish Teel
EC Admissions

Todoran, David

David Todoran
HS English

Todoran, Kathy

Kathy Todoran
Assistant to the Head of School

Torwelle, Kevin

Kevin Torwelle
MS Math

Trout, Natalie A.

Natalie A. Trout
Marketing & Communications

True, Larry

Larry True
EC Enrichment

Vanden Akker, Kevin

Kevin Vanden Akker
HS Phys. Ed., Health, & Athletics

Walda, David

David Walda
HS Math

Walda, Julie

Julie Walda

Walda, Melissa

Melissa Walda
MS Religion & Social Studies

Walker, Lorrie

Lorrie Walker
EC Teaching Assistant & Tudor

Wallace, Anne

Anne Wallace
MS English

Wariner, Jolie

Jolie Wariner
Early Childhood

Watts, Delphia

Delphia Watts
HS Office Assistant

Wendlandt, Jenna

Jenna Wendlandt
EC Teacher

Westfall, Rob '02

Rob Westfall '02
MS Social Studies

Williams, Allen

Allen Williams
Bus Driver

Wilson, Wendy

Wendy Wilson
EC Teaching Assistant

Wisbrun, Erika

Erika Wisbrun
EC Enrichment 

Wolff, Susan

Susan Wolff
Cav Club/EDC Director
EC Assistant


Staff Not Pictured

Michelle Adams
After School Programs Assistant
Middle School Division

Karyssa Bolen
School Nurse

Judy Huck-Klopfenstein
Gymnastics Teacher
Early Childhood Division
Lower School Division


James (Jim) Dean
Chess Coach

Sara Jackson
Foreign Language
MS Division
B.A., Indiana University
M.S., Carnegie Mellon University
M.F.A., Vermont College of Fine Arts

Debra Williams
Library Department Chair
Librarian/Digital Literacy Teacher
Middle and High School Divisions
B.A., Indiana University
M.A.T., Indiana University
M.L.I.S., Indiana University

Josh Zacher
Fine Arts