Each Student Matters

At Canterbury School, each student matters.

It's true: Each Canterbury School student is provided a challenging, enriching and supportive learning environment where their personal, social and spiritual well-being matters. Yet, each student takes advantage of this unique environment in his or her own way. Students may choose to compete on the Speech and Debate Team, or they may gravitate toward an athletic team. They might enjoy pursuing a third language, or they might be inspired by computer technology courses.

No matter the stories our students choose to write for themselves, they're challenged, supported and encouraged each step of they way. Let us introduce four of our outstanding students from our Lower, Middle and High School divisions. They're motivated, they're dynamic and, most of all, they're unique.

What story are you writing?


John | Grade 10

Christyne | Grade 8

AnnaBella | Grade 9

Braylon | Grade 4