Each Parent Matters

At Canterbury School, each parent matters.

Canterbury School was founded by parents with a vision for exceptional educational opportunities for their children – a desire to provide the best possible resources for their children. And, our parents today aren't so different.

Each Canterbury School parent is a vital and vigorous part of our community. They are welcome to join classroom activities and field studies; to work alongside our teachers to provide the best possible experience for their students; and to volunteer their time, talents and expertise across school functions. They are such an important part of the Canterbury community, and they have so many stories to share.


Gibbs Family


Please meet Leanne Gibbs! Leanne has never forgotten exploring Canterbury Middle School for her own education as a little girl. Though it didn’t come to fruition for her, she didn’t hesitate when the time came to consider Canterbury for her two children. Five years later, she is continually reminded how Canterbury is the right fit for not only her children, but for her as a solo parent.

"Hi! My name is Leanne Gibbs, and I live in Markle, Ind., with my proud Cavaliers, Couper (Grade 2) and Riley (Kindergarten). Canterbury is unique because it involves the whole family in the students’ education. From offering a wide range of volunteer opportunities (my favorite is the Thanksgiving Feast!) to having an open-door policy in classrooms, Canterbury reinforces the partnership between teachers and parents in the students’ education. Not only that, Canterbury’s efforts to keep parents informed, and the opportunities offered for open discussion with division administrators, help me be a better parent. They also help me support my children’s classroom learning through activities and conversations we have at home.

"Investing in my children’s education is very personal to me. My children will be able to succeed after their Canterbury graduations, but the most important investment is in making sure they grow up to be adults who can make their community and Canterbury proud. Outside of the academic instruction, the skills and character emphasized within the classroom and the entire student body is invaluable.

"For prospective parents, touring the school is a great place to start. The warmth and friendliness are genuine, and they extend well beyond the spectacular staff in the Lower School office. I would encourage anyone to observe the amazing classroom teachers and the way they invest in their students. More importantly, I would make the effort to attend a special event at the school. Look at the way parents support not only their own children, but the children throughout the school. It truly is a family."

Reiss Family


Dr. Kurt and Danielle Reiss feel the best way to prepare their children for future success is to teach them skills and moral values. So, they launched a nationwide search to find the right school. For the Reiss family, Canterbury stuck out almost immediately, and now, two years later, they believe Canterbury is an extension of their home.

"Hi! We’re the Reiss family, and we live in Fort Wayne with our two children, Mathilde (Early Childhood) and Sawyer (Kindergarten). Canterbury is unique because it truly embraces each individual child – harnessing and encouraging their strengths, developing a strong work ethic to improve their weaknesses, and most importantly, spotlighting each of their personalities in the process. Our fondest memory is always walking through the doors each day. It feels like walking into an extension of your home. You are known and embraced each day – as a parent, as a student, and as a part of the Canterbury family.

"For prospective parents, just come and experience Canterbury! Our deciding moment occurred during a scheduled visit. At the end of the tour, we stumbled upon a special demonstration in the commons area. Under the teacher’s watchful eye, the Lower School students were conducting chemistry experiments. Sawyer was completely memorized. Although it was not part of the tour, nor was he a student, he was welcomed, and the other students embraced the addition. That was the moment we knew we were exactly where we, and our children, were meant to be.

"At the end of the day, our job as parents is to do what’s necessary to set our children up for success. When you choose Canterbury, you are investing your child’s future. You are reinforcing the value of hard work, helping them sustain a sound moral compass, and providing them with a very valuable and well-rounded education. When you make a commitment to Canterbury, Canterbury makes a commitment to you. You are welcomed and truly become a member of the family."

Wardlow Family


The Wardlow family moved to Fort Wayne from Grand Rapids, Mich., just over two years ago. Marlon and Dara searched for a middle school that upheld a strong world language curriculum and an orchestra program for their twins, Deacon and Dillon. After hitting a roadblock in their search, they were referred to Canterbury by a colleague – and they haven’t looked back!

"Hello! We’re the Wardlow Family, and we live in Fort Wayne with our three children Deacon and Dillon (Grade 7) and Walker (Grade 1). The Canterbury education is top notch; the experiences are second to none; and the friendships the students build will last a lifetime. As parents, we love that the education is tailored to each child. Teachers are so invested! They really care about and know each student very well, and that makes a big difference inside and outside the classroom. We also value being a part of the school community, so it has been a great experience getting to know other classmates and their parents.

"At Canterbury, there is so much exposure to new experiences and opportunities. When Walker shadowed various jobs in the area, he came home talking about how a car wash works and what happens in a doctor’s office – and that was in Kindergarten! He loves taking Enrichment classes like hip hop dance and piano. Recently, our twins came back from a immersion trip to Panama, where they practiced their Spanish-speaking skills with local community members. They would have never had that experience elsewhere. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities because our children are really tapping into interests we never knew existed. We always say, ‘You can’t aim for something if you don’t know it’s there.’

"We hope prospective parents visit the school and realize the opportunities their children will have by attending Canterbury, just like ours do!"

Wojewuczki Family

Wojewuczki Family


Please meet the Wojewuczki family! Eighteen years ago, a friend referred Sue and Matt Wojewuczki to Canterbury School. They immediately scheduled a campus tour, where the benefits of a Cavalier education were clear. Today, they can quantify their Canterbury investment through their children’s academic achievements, character development, and college success.

"Hi, we’re the Wojewuczki family! We live in Fort Wayne and are the proud parents of Jack (‘16), Meredith (‘18), Andrew (Grade 10), and Monica (Grade 7). What makes Canterbury different is the focus on all aspects of the child’s development. Also, the school’s values complement our parenting approach, and the Canterbury experience has been entirely positive for us. Canterbury’s focus on the ‘Artist. Athlete. Scholar.’ cannot be matched.

"The inclusive environment at Canterbury is a great attraction. All students are encouraged to try everything – from arts to sports and academics. Parents are also encouraged to participate as much as they are willing to, and you can tell the support is appreciated. Finally, the teachers and staff are always available and supportive. They genuinely care and want what’s best for the students and the school.

"Canterbury memories are abundant! We’ve had two kids go through the entire program, which included multiple state championship runs in various sports; acceptance to the colleges they were most interested in; and many ‘extras’ like musicals, concerts, Thanksgiving Feast, Angel Band, class trips, and pep rallies to name a few! With the benefit of hindsight and our two kids who are in college, we can absolutely quantify the investment. Not only in college scholarships, but also in that our kids were well prepared for the rigors of college.

"For prospective parents, we would say that, like any investment, you must weigh the pros and cons. It’s hard to dispute the statistics you see in how many AP scholars Canterbury has or the amazing schools High School students matriculate to. Understanding that the value is there, and taking a year-by-year view, allows you to see for yourself what a great place Canterbury is for your child and your family."