Each Alumni Matters

At Canterbury School, each alumni matters.

Canterbury School's commitment to a transformative educational experience is reflected in the vision we hold for our graduates. A Canterbury graduate will achieve the highest level of academic preparation as exhibited by the mastery of a strong college preparatory curriculum, a lifelong habit of intellectual curiosity and creativity and a highly-developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In addition, a Canterbury graduate will experience significant personal growth as exhibited by the appropriate and effective use of leadership skills, the self-awareness and self-confidence to pursue his or her passions and interests, a personal commitment to acting with integrity in all things and a sense of responsibility to others and his or her community.

Meet our graduates from the Class of 2019 and read about their transformational memories and experiences at Canterbury School!


Chinedum Ijomanta


Meet Chinedum Ijomanta (‘19) of Fort Wayne, who will be majoring in architecture at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York! 

“Hi! I am Ned and I have attended Canterbury for seven years. My greatest moments at Canterbury were either on the basketball court or in the art room. Whether it was playing at practice, or holding up a sectional title, my experiences with basketball brought a happiness like no other. Art plays a very important role in my life and remains my favorite class at Canterbury. I was shy growing up, so this was a great way for me to express my thoughts in ways I couldn’t do in speech.

My biggest accomplishment at Canterbury was getting into one of my dream colleges -- Syracuse University! The college counseling team really helped me make this dream a reality and I’m very grateful to go to a school that has those resources at my fingertips.

Overall, Canterbury has taught me to be self-loving and self-confident, but most importantly, the school challenged me to be myself. Canterbury instilled in me the idea of hard work and academic excellence and now, I know what I need to do to be successful, whether that’s academically or athletically. I’ll definitely miss the relationships I built at Canterbury, but I’m excited to experience what college has in store for me!"

Sadie Lange


Meet Sadie Lange (‘19) of Fort Wayne, who will be majoring in 2-D Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia! 

“Hi, I'm Sadie, and I have attended Canterbury School for four years. Everyone at Canterbury is always so welcoming and accepting. Canterbury has a much closer knit community than previous schools that I have attended, and the faculty really cares about students’ success. I will miss my friends, peers, and teachers the most!

Canterbury helped me become a more tolerant, understanding person and I have also become more confident in myself. Looking back, the school taught me to work hard at everything I do. In turn, this helped me get into a great college, gave me the confidence to pursue what I love, and grow to become the person who I want to be.

My favorite classes was anything in fine arts! I really loved the environment of Mrs. Junk-Wright’s classes and it’s where I met some of my closest friends. Some of my fondest memories were during the after-school art workshops. I had so much fun getting to test out different mediums that I never heard of previously. Aside from graduating, my biggest accomplishment was receiving the Outstanding Art Portfolio Award. It was meaningful to me because I really looked up to the students who won the award in past, and I hope I was able to inspire my peers in some of the same ways that they did for me."

Reiley Brown

New Panel

Meet Reiley Brown (‘19) of Huntington, who will be pursuing a pre-dentistry track and double majoring in biology and business at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan!

“Hi, I am Reiley, and I have attended Canterbury School for four years. Looking back, I will miss the relationships that I built with students and faculty. The teachers are always outgoing and friendly and since we are a small school, I have been able to get to know a lot of students even if we had different interests and perspectives.

My greatest memory is playing softball for Canterbury since freshman year and my biggest accomplishment was when I got 103 strikeouts in my junior season with only 15 games and pitching almost every inning, except five! My favorite class at Canterbury was AP Biology with Mrs. Ervin. This class made me love science even more and ultimately, it’s what made me decide to do biology as one of my majors in college.

Overall, Canterbury has helped me become a better person by teaching me to be more confident in what I do. Through the help and support of my teachers and peers, I now feel more confident in the work that I do and that will help me to be more successful in my future. Canterbury has prepared me for my future through the different classes I took and I believe that the academics, athletics, and community of Canterbury helped me become a more well-rounded student.”

Lauren Kim


Meet Lauren Kim (‘19) Fort Wayne, who will be pursuing a pre-law track and double majoring in economics and psychology at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts!

“Hi, I am Lauren and I have been a Canterbury student for 15 years! I will really miss the small family-like community and I consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to have a close relationship with my peers and teachers for most of my life. I feel like having a tight-knit community has allowed me to flourish as a student because I’ve been given all the help and resources I would ever need.

Canterbury has nurtured a sense of dedication of giving back to the community within me. By providing service opportunities and requiring volunteer hours, Canterbury has taught me the importance of helping the community. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to be in a safe and welcoming environment until after entering high school, and I believe that Canterbury has taught me to be humble and become more dedicated towards service.

My fondest memories mainly arise through the times I spent outside of the regular school day taking part in extracurriculars. Teachers and students are always dedicated towards giving their best effort in whatever activity they take part in, whether it be a sport or a club. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed spending my Saturday mornings laying out the newspaper with my peers until we sent out our last issue of the year. Spending time playing tennis with my team or laughing with my friends on our Model UN trip are just a fraction of the many memories I made.

After my time at Canterbury, I’ve come to learn that true scholarship comes from a student’s willingness to learn, not through whatever school they choose to go to. I now know that there are opportunities wherever I go, and it's up to me to have a positive mindset and take the initiative to take them. I think that’s why a majority of students at Canterbury try to take as many opportunities as they can. Canterbury has taught me that I shouldn’t worry about a reputation; just being myself and having an open and positive mindset is all that matters. Canterbury has prepared me to take on any challenge and to step out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, I believe Canterbury has taught me to be myself."

Keenan Baldus


Meet Keenan Baldus (‘19) of Fort Wayne, who will be majoring in finance at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida! 

“Hi, I am Keenan, and I have attended Canterbury School for four years. During my time at Canterbury, I learned the value of being yourself and accepting others for who they are. I’ve made friends with people who I wouldn’t expect to have much in common with, and it’s because I opened myself to such interactions.

Canterbury taught me to be accepting of all backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances. I will miss the family atmosphere at Canterbury, the support of the community, and the dedication of the faculty. My fondest memory at Canterbury is winning a basketball sectional title my junior year!

My biggest accomplishment has been the balancing of my academic schedule with my extracurricular activities, while maintaining a high standard in both areas. My favorite class was AP European History with Dr. Wehrli. Being a small class of only eight kids, we were able to discuss the topics in depth while maintaining a laid-back and cheerful classroom atmosphere all year. I think that is reflective of how relationships are made at Canterbury. The community of students and faculty provided an outstanding foundational education preparing me for the rigors of college courses and teaching me the values of hard work and gratitude."