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Each Alumni Matters

At Canterbury School, each alumni matters.

Canterbury School's commitment to a transformative educational experience is reflected in the vision we hold for our graduates. A Canterbury graduate will achieve the highest level of academic preparation as exhibited by the mastery of a strong college preparatory curriculum, a lifelong habit of intellectual curiosity and creativity and a highly-developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In addition, a Canterbury graduate will experience significant personal growth as exhibited by the appropriate and effective use of leadership skills, the self-awareness and self-confidence to pursue his or her passions and interests, a personal commitment to acting with integrity in all things and a sense of responsibility to others and his or her community.

Meet our graduates from the Class of 2019 and read about their transformational memories and experiences at Canterbury School!


Chinedum Ijomanta

Sadie Lange

Reiley Brown

Lauren Kim

Keenan Baldus