Each Person Matters

At Canterbury School, each person matters.

We have so many stories to tell, and they start with each person. In August, we shared an introductory Q&A with Bill Ennist, Head of School, and in September, we shared the story of Lincoln Gray, Dean of Students. 

Now, we're excited to tell our students' stories because at Canterbury School, each person matters – each student matters.

John | Grade 10


Meet John Mezger ('21) from Columbia City, and read about his Canterbury School experience so far!

"Hi! I'm John, and I chose Canterbury High School because I wanted a rigorous academic experience that would prepare me well for college and its challenges. I can tell I made the right decision because of the special connection I have with my teachers. I can ask them any question, and they won't hesitate to help me, which is truly invaluable. 

Being a member of the Canterbury community is rewarding because we all uphold the principles and ideas of integrity, but we also enjoy a fun, loving and welcoming environment. The welcoming aspect is special because we embrace everyone, and you always have someone to go to for support. That's how we live the "Each person matters" idea every day.

So far, my favorite experience has been Cav Games because the whole school comes together to celebrate what makes us Canterbury!"

Christyne | Grade 8


Let us introduce Christyne Nwakanma (’23) from Fort Wayne! Christyne enrolled at Canterbury Middle School last year and is already quite involved in student life.

"Hello, I’m Christyne! I wanted to come to Canterbury School because of the education. At my old school, being an athlete was the most important thing. Here, you can focus on academics and also participate in sports.

My favorite thing about Canterbury is the freedom that we have. In the Middle School, we’re able to start making our own decisions. For example, I can choose to go to the library at recess, or I can go outside if I want.

I also love being involved! In seventh grade, I played basketball and participated in the fall play. This year, I am playing volleyball. My favorite class is PE, and I also love art. I have been drawing for a long time, and I love the support that my friends give me when I show them my drawings."

AnnaBella | Grade 9


Meet AnnaBella Brown (‘22) from Laotto, who is new to Canterbury School this year and loves her experience thus far!

"Hello! My name is AnnaBella, and I chose Canterbury High School because, previously, I felt I wasn’t challenged to my fullest potential. After learning about Canterbury and meeting students and teachers, I knew it was a place where I’d best fit in and learn in the best way possible. I love that I have close relationships with my teachers and other students in every grade level, and that I can be myself and have freedom to grow. 

I know that each person is important at Canterbury School because each person puts in something different, yet special, making up who we are. I especially love going to the sports games to cheer on fellow Cavs!

Each day, I walk through the door of this school never doubting what’s to come. It means so much to me to be able to represent my school with every word and action. Everywhere I go I am representing true Canterbury spirit with dignity, integrity and grace."

Braylon | Grade 4


Get acquainted with Braylon Maxey (’27)! A Fort Wayne native, Braylon started at Canterbury in Junior Kindergarten and now he’s enjoying Grade 4.

"I’m Braylon, and I love Canterbury School because we get to do things that other kids don’t. In all our classes, we get to learn at a pace that’s right for us and at whatever speed we need. Everybody learns at their own level.

I think it’s cool that in Kindergarten, first and second grades, we get to learn French. Then, we can switch to Spanish in third grade if we want, which is what I did.

This experience is great for me because it lets me compare languages and try new things. One of my favorite classes at Canterbury is drama because it’s fun to play different characters. I also love PE class because I am an athlete, and in PE, you can play sports and have fun doing it!"