Each Person Matters

At Canterbury School, each person matters.

Each person has a story to tell, and with our network of parents, alumni, teachers and friends, Canterbury School's story is woven with distinguished and vibrant threads. It's a story with many chapters, and each chapter leads back to a special place found on Covington and Smith Roads in Fort Wayne, Ind. Here, each fiber is navy blue and white, each action is filled with integrity and each person matters.

Through our story, and through our chapters, we hope to share what makes us different, valuable and successful. Our small sizes, faculty mentorship program, academic triumphs and character development opportunities are profound. But the stories, the memories and the experiences that truly set Canterbury apart start and end with the people.

Please feel free to explore how each person matters at Canterbury School, and check out what this means to Bill Ennist, Head of School, and Lincoln Gray, Dean of Students. Maybe along the way you'll find something here that matters to you. When you're ready, schedule a visit or request more information.

We can't wait to be part of your story.