Yellow Phase

Reflective of higher levels of community spread within the Canterbury community.

  • Parent and visitor/guest speaker access is significantly restricted and by appointment. Masks are required for all visitors.
  • For EC and LS, all specials will continue to take place in homerooms.
  • LS/MS/HS lunch will be eaten in advisory/homeroom class, or outside in good weather. Meals can be ordered via AVI at the beginning of the day, charged to a student account and delivered to classrooms during lunch. Students will still be permitted to bring their own lunches. EC lunch will be in the clubhouse, corner house, or a space where social distancing can be maintained. EC students will bring their own lunch.
  • For athletics, no team meals will be planned.
  • No large group gatherings will be allowed. Chapel and other group programming events will be offered remotely.
  • For athletics, no spectators will be allowed at contests, with only essential game participants present.
  • Personnel crossing between campuses will be limited.
  • Admissions visitors are not permitted.
  • Field studies are not permitted.