Blue Phase

Least restrictive, reflective of low levels of community spread within the Canterbury community.

  • Parent and visitor/guest speaker access will be limited and by appointment. Masks are required for all visitors.
  • Athletics and Arts: Some spectator restrictions will be in place, including but not limited to capping attendance, distancing, and requiring masks. 
  • For EC and LS, specials will take place in the homeroom classroom, outdoors, or in a larger space where distancing can be maintained.
  • LS/MS/HS lunch will be eaten in advisory/homeroom class, or outside in good weather. Meals can be ordered via AVI at the beginning of the day, charged to a student account and delivered to classrooms during lunch. Students will still be permitted to bring their own lunches. EC lunch will be in the clubhouse, corner house, or a space where social distancing can be maintained. EC students will bring their own lunch. 
  • For EC, a modified model of EC enrichment will occur to enable cohorting of different aged students. This will reduce, but not entirely eliminate, the mixing of groups. For example, Cavaliers will be kept separate from Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten Prep during enrichment activities. 
  • Students and faculty may gather, if masked and distanced, for a modified chapel, meeting, or other curricular event.  All spaces will have a capacity limit posted/noted.
  • For HS athletics, use of locker rooms will be minimal; athletes should come to contests dressed and ready to play.  
  • Temp checks and screening questions will be done by families prior to the school day.
  • Student and parent visitors for Admissions will be permitted. 
  • Field studies will be allowed upon administrative approval.
  • For morning and afternoon buses, assigned seating and social distancing will be maintained.