Thanksgiving Feast: A Canterbury Favorite

Some Canterbury traditions stand the test of time, no matter how much they may change over the years. This year, a Canterbury favorite for students and parents looked as different as it ever has, but it held the same great spirit of Thanksgiving Feasts of the past. In 2021, the Canterbury community was blessed with a gorgeous November day under the sun on the graduation lawn, where students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 12 celebrated Thanksgiving in their “families.”  Canterbury students and parents can easily recall and embrace the cherished memories of Thanksgiving Feasts from years ago.

From an Alum

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Thanksgiving Feast is when our Lower School teachers would hand out our stickers that said what family we were in, and we would go around asking each other who their family was to see who was together. I think about Mr. Hancock's speeches that I struggled to sit through as a Lower School student but grew to appreciate in later grades. I also think of the large paper turkeys we used to make and how it was super unfair because families who were in the art or drama rooms had way better supplies than everyone else. Thanksgiving Feast is unique because the entire student body and all faculty are in one place, which is something that doesn't happen anywhere else. It was always fun at Thanksgiving Feast to see friends in different grades, siblings, and teachers you no longer had.”
Sophia Shoppell ‘20

From a Parent

“Traditions like the Thanksgiving Feast make Canterbury unique because they create a sense of belonging, comfort, and community. The opportunity to look forward to annual events also adds to the excitement of each season of life. Canterbury is steeped in many traditions, and it has been something we’ve enjoyed being a part of as much as our children. The Thanksgiving Feast not only gives the students a chance to enjoy and celebrate the season, they are also able to serve each other at different ages and stages of life. I think those are some of the most important things students can take away and truly make Canterbury a unique and special school.”
Karen Shoppell
Current Canterbury Parent
and Parent of Alum