Swimming and Winning

By Natalie A. Trout
Director of Marketing & Communications

He loves to swim. He loves to win.

He also eats a Hershey’s with Almonds before every swim meet for good luck. So far, it’s worked.

Canterbury’s Grade 6 student Patrick Collins has made a real splash in the world of competitive swimming. He’s been swimming with Summit City Aquatics for five years and has been a student at Canterbury since Grade 5.

What is your greatest swimming accomplishment so far?

Patrick Collins (PC): At the last state short course meet, I was in the top five swimmers in the state in three of my events, and I was in the top eight for two other events. I ended up placing 5th in the state overall for total points scored.

What are your swim goals for this year?

PC: I want to qualify for the state meet in as many of my events as possible. I am on the younger side of my age group now, so I have another year to make them.

Who is your coach? What do you like about her?

PC: Coach Jackie Close. She is a very good coach.

How do you manage to balance swimming and school?

PC: Sometimes it is really hard. I have a lot of homework to do, but I also have swim practice five days each week for at least an hour and a half. If I have too much homework to do, I have to skip swim practice or do my homework late at night.