Meet the Kinne Family

The Kinne Family: Dr. Robert Kinne ‘03, Carole Kinne, Charlotte (CK), Caroline (KP), and Juliette

Why did you choose Canterbury for your family?
Private education was a natural choice. I (Rob) spent the majority of my childhood education at the school. Following a family move where we were away from Indiana for a few years,  I was able to experience multiple alternatives, through both (highly rated) public education as well as another private school. Both paled in comparison to what Canterbury offered: academically, socially, and extracurricularly. It was following those years, even though still young, that I realized how unique Canterbury was and that one day, I wanted to be able to provide a Canterbury education for my children.

What do you think sets Canterbury apart from other schools?
If there is one thing that sticks out for us about the school, it’s the well-rounded nature of its students and graduates.  I (Rob) would say that this is most apparent in the students that start their early years at the school and benefit from the various experiences Canterbury exposes children to, even at very young ages. As the students become older, it’s evidenced in the student body involvement and impressive to see such a large number of students involved in numerous different activities, whether school clubs, sports teams, volunteer work, etc.

If you ask Carole, who experienced a parochial education and is from outside Indiana, the most impressive part is the success of Canterbury graduates: whether that was elite colleges attended, number that went on to professional schools, or the amount of grads that went on to be leaders and achieve high success within their fields and communities.  I (Rob) attribute this to the intensely personal attention each student receives at the school. While there is likely a small percentage of very bright children that will be successful regardless of where they’re at, he feels that Canterbury excels at enabling the “average” student to excel. Through his other experiences, he realized that even in well-regarded schools elsewhere, the same level of personal attention and extracurricular opportunities are often times not available and not to be taken for granted. Through these unique factors, we have seen how Canterbury can provide each of its students the opportunity to reach their full potential.

How do you think Canterbury will prepare your daughters for the future?
We have faith that Canterbury will prepare our daughters to be confident, passionate, and strong young women, armed with the skills to tackle whatever challenges they encounter. We hope that the well-rounded foundation Canterbury provides will allow them to be successful in their pursuits: educationally, professionally, and personally.