Lower School Singers Shine in Choir

By James Mitchell
Children’s Choir Director
| Music Teacher

In early November, several Canterbury students were honored with a rare invitation to the Indiana All-State Honor Choir. These students dedicated hours of preparation, including private lessons, in order to compete with students from around the state for an exclusive spot in the Indiana Honor Choir.

An astonishing eight students from Canterbury were selected, who in January will receive the incredible opportunity to work with world-renowned choral directors, and collaborate with talented and enthusiastic choir students from all over the state of Indiana. These students have already begun mastering and memorizing challenging music, and resumed private lessons after winter break.

In January 2022, the Honor choir will meet with these talented directors, capping off the one-of-kind experience with a beautiful concert in Fort Wayne’s Embassy Theatre.

Impactful experiences like Honor Choir are not unfamiliar to Canterbury choir students. Starting in Grade 2, Canterbury students are invited to join the Children’s Choir; bringing them together with a substantial group of motivated students from Grades 2, 3, and 4. Canterbury Children’s Choir provides opportunities to build relationships, collaborate with peers, perform live music for large audiences, develop young singing voices, and strengthen essential music skills for any aspiring musician.

This year’s Children’s Choir has already performed at Grandparents Day and Christmas at Trinity, and in the Spring will perform with students from around Fort Wayne at the FAME Festival. Like Honor Choir, FAME provides the opportunity to meet and share music with motivated students from different schools and backgrounds. Finally, we will cap off the year with a performance at the Spring Luncheon.

Through the Children's Choir, our Grade 4 students learn to become leaders while mentoring our younger students. Likewise, our younger students receive the benefit of working alongside experienced and motivated peers who provide inspiration and confidence. The friendships and bonds grown between various grade levels are truly lasting and unique. Choir students do not only share the experience of rehearsals and learning music, they share a true sense of pride and accomplishment every time they master a song, sing in perfect harmony, or receive applause at a live performance. The skills developed through Children’s Choir undoubtedly lay a foundation for the future success of our young musicians, but perhaps even more importantly, the friendships and memories made will stick with them forever.