High School Houses

By Natalie A. Trout
Director of Marketing & Communications

A freshman girl stands on stage, surrounded by her peers and in front of the entire Canterbury High School. An upperclassman holds a “sorting hat” over her head and she holds her breath in anticipation.

“Paflas House!” a booming voice announces, and everyone cheers.

It’s Sorting Day at Canterbury High School, where freshman and other new-to-Canterbury students find out which house they’ll be a part of. The houses are named after Canterbury founding families: Cast, Paflas, Parrott, Randall, Smith, and Spindler. The final founding family is honored as the sponsor of the Posther Cup, the year-end award for whichever house has the most points. Points are given for various reasons, from academic, to athletic, and artistic accomplishments, and even just supporting classmates at different school events.

The house system at Canterbury High School is a special and unique part of the Canterbury experience.

AnnaBella Brown ‘22

Paflas House Leader

What do you love most about the house system?
I love the house system for its community atmosphere and the collaboration between grades. House allows for a time where students, from all four grade levels, can work together, take part in activities, and have meaningful conversations. More specifically, House Games are my favorite event within the school year. The competitiveness and excitement seen amongst the students is truly amazing and is what makes the house community so fun.

How does the house system make Canterbury unique?
It is a unique and great way to meet new people and form new friendships with people you might not see in class or specific extracurricular activities. The Canterbury lifestyle of Artist, Athlete, Scholar is by far best represented within the house system. Each house contains students with a variety of interests and backgrounds, giving everyone the opportunity to form connections with different groups of people.

Olivia Hamilton ‘22

Smith House Leader

What do you love most about the house system?
My favorite part of the house system is Cav Games! I love being able to see students in all different grade levels bond over the support for their team. The vivacious energy is truly contagious. These games allow you to bond with students that you never would have talked to before. I always find my house camaraderie grows after Cav Games.

How does the house system make Canterbury unique?
The House System makes Canterbury unique because of the creation of relationships between grades. The house leaders and faculty really push to make sure every student is getting involved in their house in one way or another, which is the foundation for establishing these bonds. Since every student is given the same opportunity to participate in games, no matter their age, it allows every student to forget about their grade separation and form relationships.

Rowan Miller ‘22

Co-Lead Finance Committee

What do you love most about the house system?
I enjoy how the house system allows for students to collaborate with others with whom they may not typically interact, creating a great sense of community in the process. I’m also a big fan of Name That Tune, and I hope we’ll get to play it at the next House Games.

How does the house system make Canterbury unique?
By allowing students to work together and participate in fun activities outside of the classroom, the house system adds a nice bit of entertainment and excitement to the typical school week here at Canterbury. I also find the house system to be unique in its student leaders, allowing upperclassmen to both help organize events and serve as mentors for younger students.