Creating an Experience

By Krista Lohmar
Director of Enrollment and Admissions

It all begins with that first point of contact made by a parent (or sometimes even a student!). It’s that friendly, welcoming voice or communication that often leads a family to take the next step. My mantra is always to “be kind” - treat every individual seeking to learn more about Canterbury School with kindness. I am a firm believer that kindness can make or break a deal.

As parents explore their options for an exceptional education where their child can be challenged and nurtured, and where they will learn to think critically, be intellectually curious, resilient and open-minded.  Our Admissions team is excited to show off how Canterbury School can fit the bill. It’s not difficult when you have an expert, caring faculty with engaged and enthusiastic students, all supported by involved and committed parents.

The environment and culture speak for themselves. Whether virtual or in-person tours, student shadow days or Zoom conversations, or a chat with a faculty member, the virtues of Canterbury School shine through. That first “wow” moment occurs when a family learns what it means to be an Independent school, unencumbered by overreaching curricular mandates and the freedom to define its own mission and direction forward.

My job is to ensure that every family and student is in some way touched by all aspects of the school - those things that make us unique and exceptional. Tailoring tours and visits to parents and students' interests can make the experience that much more personal. If a touring family wants to observe a calculus class, meet the Head of School, or talk with the baseball coach, we will make that happen. And if a visiting student wants to experience French, spend time in a science lab or jump in with the choir, we can make that happen, too. Regardless of how the day is structured, visiting students will have the chance to engage in the classroom, connect with students and faculty, and truly feel what it would be like to be a student at Canterbury. As their visit unfolds, they will begin to see what makes Canterbury such a special place.

My hope is that students will walk away envisioning themselves at Canterbury School, realizing that they will be known and supported, and will become an integral part of the school. We hope that parents will feel the positive energy and know that their child will be challenged and guided in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Our commitment to new families doesn’t stop with the admission process. The entire team - faculty, staff, students - is committed to successfully seeing the family and student through that first year and beyond. Being new to a community is never easy. Having changed schools many times myself, I am keenly aware of the awkwardness of being new, and it is scary!

Our top priority in Admissions is to guide families through the admission process in hopes that they will feel secure, included and involved. The welcome mat laid out by the Canterbury community takes care of that and without a lot of effort. It’s just what happens - that’s who we are at Canterbury School.