Creating a Scholar

By Natalie A. Trout
Director of Marketing & Communications

Basketball. Speech and Debate. Blessings in a Backpack. Diversity Committee. Theater. Canterbury’s Shiniah Jones ‘21 is a young woman with many talents. For 12 years she’s made an impact on Canterbury School as an Artist, Athlete, and a Scholar.

Why is “Artist, Athlete, Scholar,” a good tagline for Canterbury School and the opportunities here?

Shiniah Jones (SJ): It’s a good tagline because students are able to be an artist, an athlete, and a scholar at the same time. For example, my first three years I played basketball while being able to maintain school work, and my senior year I decided to do more theatre productions.

In what ways do you see yourself as an artist at Canterbury School?

SJ: Since Freshman year I’ve taken theater, but during my Senior year, I really branched out and committed to the school productions (Sense and Sensibility, Taming of the Shrew, and Into The Woods).

In what ways do you see yourself as an athlete?

SJ: I started basketball in Grade 5 and played all the way through my Junior year. It was like an escape from the “school world”, and the team bonding and game nights will always be memorable.

In what ways do you see yourself as a scholar?

SJ: This year I’ve branched out in order to fulfill the description of artist, athlete, and scholar. Although the courses are rigorous, I’ve been able to maintain a good grade average and explore a variety of subjects. With this, I’ve been able to develop skills in all these areas, reading, writing, public speaking, and many more.

Tell me about a teacher at Canterbury who has inspired you or helped you.

SJ: While many of the teachers are great, the teacher who inspires me the most and is always there for me is Mrs. Catherine Crupi. I’ve had her as my English teacher for three years, and for my Senior year I’m very grateful to have her as my advisor. She’s always willing to help and give great advice. It will be really hard and sad to leave her, but I know that she’s very proud of me.

What are some of your favorite Canterbury memories?

SJ: My favorite memories are all the school trips, especially the college trip. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to go to the Student Diversity Leadership conference in Washington D.C. with some good friends. And I will always enjoy the memories made in the senior lounge during my third period.

How has Canterbury School prepared you for college?

SJ: Canterbury offers a variety of courses that have really prepared me for my future. And there were many long nights and some nights there were tears, but I learned that all of that hard work has mentally prepared me for college. The education here is truly appreciated.

What are your plans after graduation?

SJ:  I plan to attend Howard University and major in nursing. I am very excited for the new journey!

Finish this sentence: I’m grateful for my experience at Canterbury School because...

SJ: I’m grateful for my experience at Canterbury School because I’ve been able to find teachers and friends that really care about my experience. I will always be grateful for every moment.