Across the Map

By Natalie A. Trout
Director of Marketing & Communications

How great is Canterbury School? It’s so great that there are families who drive more than 20 miles to take their children there. Some drive more than 30. And one family drives 50 miles each school day just to experience the incredible Canterbury advantage.

The Haist Family

The almost 45-minute drive from North Manchester is more than worth it for James and Marcy Haist.

“The learning is always engaging, and my children are always excited for school,” Marcy says.

Her son Timothy will start Grade 8 this fall, and her daughter Adia will begin Grade 2.

“Canterbury is worth the drive because of the direct approach to education they have,” she says.

Marcy appreciates Canterbury’s focus on community service, working with Five Star Assisted Living and the different units they study in Lower School.

While the education is outstanding and the attention to community service is appreciated, the main thing that sets Canterbury School apart from any other school is the staff, which Marcy says is second to none.

“They are all like family. They treat my children as if they were their own. They are there for our family whenever we need them.”

The Poe Family

Greg and Jennifer Poe have a 50-mile drive from Angola each time they take their children Lela ‘28 and Vinnie ‘25 to Canterbury School. They once lived in Fort Wayne, but four years ago they moved to Angola. There was no way they were going to stop sending their children to Canterbury.

“Simply put, Canterbury has been, and continues to be, a great fit for our children,” Jennifer says.

The Poe’s like the small class sizes at Canterbury, as well as the welcoming and encouraging environment. They say the open communication between parents and administrators and teachers supports the needs of each student in their path to the future.

“The teachers seek to know our kids’ strengths and weaknesses, and they are willing to work with us as a team to bring out the best in them.”

The Watson/Ings Family

Since 2001, Drs. Jonathan Watson and Katharine Ings have been driving 45 minutes each way from North Manchester to Canterbury School because of the “excellent curriculum and teachers.”

They have two students who have graduated from Canterbury: Olivia ‘18 and Susannah Watson ‘20, and one current student, Dallas Watson ‘24.

“Canterbury’s focus on individual attention has always stood out to me,” says Ings. “The small classes enable this; the dedication of the faculty activates it.”

Sometimes, when all three of their children were attending Canterbury, they would make three round trips a day due to sports or extracurriculars.

“As a literature professor who moved here to study The Canterbury Tales in graduate school, I think of our daily trip in Chaucerian terms: like the pilgrims who told stories on their way to Canterbury, my children have always made good use of their car ride to study, to complete homework, to read. The drive has been our own Canterbury Trail.”