A Letter from the Head of School

As I think about the future that our students are creating for themselves at Canterbury School, I return constantly to the theme of opportunities. Canterbury School is a place where students are encouraged to explore, to pursue their passions, and to build a foundation for what the future will hold. The construction of one’s future does not begin with the ethereal. Although the future for all of us in the human experience contains an element of the unknown, for our students at Canterbury it is the product of a solid foundation that begins as early as age 2 for many of our Cavaliers. In this way, the future for our artists, athletes, and scholars is very much a product of the past. Their future path is paved by the experiences and lessons learned along the way. The trips, tours, and explorations that they undertake at Canterbury School, as well as the life-changing relationships they form with their teachers, friends, and coaches, all work to create the conditions for future success, happiness, and prosperity in their lives.

For our seniors who have just graduated, I know that their time spent in every performance (whether it be the Lower or Middle School musicals, All State Orchestra or ISSMA, or concerts in the High School), their moments together on the pitch, field, or court, and the countless hours they have spent in scholarly pursuits, both inside of the classroom and beyond it, have all left an indelible mark upon both themselves and our school community. It is this shared past that will forge their future dreams and prepare them for the journey to come.

David Jackson
Head of School


David Jackson
Head of School

Ben Ottenweller
Assistant Head of School
High School Director

Fraser Coffeen
Assistant Head of School
for Academic and Auxiliary Programs

Lincoln Gray
Interim Middle School Director

Mike Landgraf
Lower School Director

Dr. Elly Maconochie
Early Childhood Director
Director of Admissions (EC-K)

Jerry Belcher
Business Manager

Ranae Butler
Fine Arts Department Chair
Artistic Director

Ken Harkenrider
High School Athletics Director

Dr. John Aden
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Kathy Todoran
Assistant to the Head of School