A Lasting Legacy

By Melinda Perry
Director of Development

The impact the Reverend C. Corydon Randall had on those around him is an understatement. I sat down with Libby (Leal) Ash and asked her to reflect on one of Canterbury School’s extraordinary founders:

“I think about Cory every time I pass Trinity Episcopal Church, which fortunately happens to be every day.

My family and I were active members of Trinity Episcopal Church, and between church activities and school, I spent every day there. I served as an acolyte and was also involved in our youth group. Cory was ever present and created an environment of closeness among all of us. Trinity truly became my home away from home. I fondly recall youth group trips to Crystal Lake in Beulah, MI and running down Sleeping Bear Dunes with my friends, Cory included! Cory seemed like one of us: youthful, jovial and having every bit of fun that we did. He had a special gift of making everyone around him feel valued, loved, and special. You couldn’t help but walk away with a smile on your face after spending time with him.

We were always welcome in Cory’s office at Trinity. He always had time for us and loved to share stories from his youth. His memory was exceptional; he could recall the most intricate details, and he was a master storyteller. He enjoyed telling us about his days of playing baseball that eventually led him to a baseball scholarship at his beloved University of Michigan, and his time there was very special to him. I know I was not the only one who decided to attend U of M because of him!

Cory had a huge impact on my life. He was my cheerleader, and his belief in me gave me a confidence that I’m not sure I would have found anywhere else. This wasn’t unique to me; he made everyone feel that way. His gentle spirit drew people in and made everyone feel comfortable. His thoughtfulness and kindness came from a genuine place, and no matter where he moved, his relationships never ended, but only deepened.

Cory’s lasting legacy isn’t just that of one of seven founding families of Canterbury School. Because he was at Trinity every day working, he was able to interact and engage with all the students those first three years. He truly set the tone for the family feel Canterbury has to this day, and his spirit will always live on through the school.”

Canterbury is profoundly grateful for the contributions Cory made to school. He passed away on April 16, 2021.